Dirt! The Movie!


Continuing Transition Wilmslow’s film series

Tuesday 25th March 7.30 Wilmslow Library

 “Floods, drought, climate change, even war are all directly related to the way we are treating dirt.”

‘Dirt! The Movie’ takes a humorous and substantial look into the history and current state of the living organic matter that we come from and will later return to. ‘Dirt! The Movie’ will make you want to get dirty!

Watch the trailer

TEDxManchester Sunday, 2 March 2014 What is it?

The TEDx programs operate at local level giving communities, organizations and individuals a platform to promote their ideas and stimulate dialogue.

One of the speakers is Pam Warhurst cofounder of Incredible Edible, an initiative started in Todmorden, England dedicated to growing food locally by planting on unused land throughout the community, now gone global.

More about the event here  Follow it on the day, online live

What is the world – wide TED forum about?  Look here

It’s a waste!

‘Trashed’ – a very thought-provoking film was screened at Wilmslow Library by Transition Wilmslow. 

Our planet is already trashed with our non-degradable waste.  A ‘soup’ of plastic fragments floats in all our oceans; waste dumped on the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean turns up on beaches far away to the west. Incinerating just compounds the problem by creating deadly dioxins rendering adjacent farmland unfit for food production and animal grazing.

We can’t change the past but we can act now for the future.

Transition Wilmslow supports any initiatives involved in waste reduction and recycling.  We would like to hear from you. transitionwilmslow@gmail.com

You might be interested in what is happening locally

Waste Reduction Volunteers and Recycling Champions:

Read about their schemes here

Loved by Lottie:

Making unloved furniture loved again – on Facebook 

Wilmslow Clean Team

see what they do here, contact WilmslowCT@gmail.com 

Trashed The Movie

Want to see Jeremy Irons in Wilmslow?

Jeremy Irons

Come along to an exclusive Transition Wilmslow screening of

Trashed The Movie

(Screened at over 46 film festivals, nominated thirteen times and won 8 awards)

  at Wilmslow Library, Tuesday 25th February 2014, 7.45 pm

  All Welcome!

Does anyone think about what happens to all the trash we produce? We keep making things that do not break down. We have all heard these horrifying facts before, but with Jeremy Irons as our guide, we discover what happens to the billion or so tons of waste that goes unaccounted for each year.

See the trailer of the film here

Link in to what’s happening locally – right here!

Sign up to the Waste Reduction Volunteers 2014

Check out the work of a local ‘up-cycler’ here

Catch up with what the Transition Network is doing worldwide

February Newsletter

Film Night

Edible City: Inspirational Film

Tues 28 January: the film showed how San Francisco Bay residents are growing food in urban areas;  Bringing healthy and accessible fresh produce to the inner city.  Much ‘food for thought’ in this film!

Closer to home we can be inspired by

  • Food4MaccDirect   – great local food from over 30 different producers and farmers

  • Incredible Edible Wilmslow replanting unloved plots in Wilmslow town centre with herbs, fruit and vegetables for everyone to enjoy

  • And of course our own Food Group – rounding up a successful year

Food Banks continue to feature in the news.  Wilmslow is no exception in having families and individuals who find themselves in financial difficulty.

Food Friend welcome your help with this: buy a few extra food items when you shop and hand them in to Wilmslow Parish Church.

Energy Tip of the Week!

Following on from all the lovely people we met at our stall at Wilmslow Artisan Market earlier in November….

Their main concern at this time of year?

What to do about CONDENSATION – on windows, and even on walls in some houses.

We have expert advice for you from Frances Hill, who lectures at the Centre for Alternative Technology. Click here

Do you want to know where your house is losing heat?

IR house

Sign up for an energy survey.  One of our volunteers will use a thermal imaging camera to pinpoint the problem areas and offer advice to put it right.

Contact transitionwilmslow@googlemail.com to arrange a visit

‘Wilmslow to Music’

Transition Wilmslow encourage you to attend the Lindow Singers 50th Anniversary Concert ‘Spirit of Lindow’ at Wilmslow United Reformed Church on the evening of Sunday 10th November at 7.30pm.

Poems, by local poets, about Lindow Moss, the Bollin Valley and Alderley Edge have been set to music by Sasha Johnson Manning and will be performed on the evening.

This performance promotes Wilmslow, its wider community and its natural surroundings – Transition Wilmslow’s aim too!

Read more: www.lindowsingers.org.uk/lsnewscomm.htm

Invitation to Apple Pressing

Saturday 19, Sunday 20 October 2013

Chris and Philly Frankland invite anyone who would like to press apples to Hillside, Mill Lane, Ashley WA15 0RD on Saturday 19th from 10.00 ish to 5.00 ish and on Sunday 20th from 10.00 ish to 4.00ish.

If you would like to bring your own apples to press – feel free. If you don’t have many or any but would still like to join in, come along as we have more than enough for everyone.

You will need to bring plastic bottles for your juice. It freezes well.

We will provide everything else.

Plastic bag charge to be introduced in England!

This is good news!

The Break the Bag Habit coalition, which launched its campaign in August 2012, pressured the government for the introduction of a bag charge in England, as it’s good news for the environment.

The director of Campaigns and Communications at Keep Britain Tidy said last month, “This is a brilliant and significant victory for the work of the Break the Bag Habit coalition, the campaign led by four leading environmental charities – Keep Britain Tidy, Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, Marine Conservation Society and Surfers Against Sewage. Proceeds from the charge, like in Wales where the measure already exists, are likely to be donated to environmental charities.”

Read more at http://tiny-url.org/miGIJ58H

Have YOU broken the Bag Habit?

Transport News

Great news about the Government’s planned investment in making cycling safer and more accessible in Greater Manchester.

Our council could make it safer for our community too by spending as little as £2-3 per head in introducing 20 mph limits.  We have over 150 signatures in Wilmslow so far in support of this – without leafleting!

If you haven’t done so already please sign the petition at:

20’s plenty for Wilmslow

Also, see Gorsey Bank’s travel survey results.  We would love to hear from other schools and institutions about their travel habits and needs – do get in touch!

Don’t forget our next family bike ride at the September Artisan market!

20's plenty cupcakes at the family bike ride

20’s plenty cupcakes at the family bike ride