January Testimonials

Some feedback about how well you’ve been doing!

Here are some of the things you said about the changes you’ve made in the last 6 months… Feel free to share more stories – I am happy to add to this page as we go along… !  Keep it up, only 3 more to go after February’s Green Finances one!


“Wow.  This is so hard – but the lodger and my son J. have moved out so I expect we will now be back to being one of the cheapest houses in Wilmslow to heat and run…..But I flew to Cyprus in September with J. – my first flight in over 10 years which is not good, and he has a car which has knocked up the household carbon footprint. I’ve helped other people save energy on their homes – surveying 8 houses since November and with lots more requests. We’ve bought less imported food and used less plastic, insulated under the files at the front of our house, and fitted more wooden triple glazed window which cuts the heating need.  But cut our carbon overall? Not sure we can claim that…..
What can others say?”


“Looking Back…..
compostbinI am loving witnessing my compost green bin ever growing…..I have a small one now in the kitchen which has reduced the black bin rubbish considerably which makes me feel so much better about landfill. I’m looking forward to digging this homemade compost into our veg beds in the early spring. The only frustrating thing is when my lovely husband puts lots of thorny rose bush clippings in which won’t decompose easily. I then have to fish these out but it’s still worth it!!!
I have also continuously nagged my children to switch off lights.
I now no longer use plastic bags for loose veg and fruit in the supermarkets. I usually have to apologise to the checkout assistant when all the onions roll around on the conveyor belt but it means I can then tell them why I do this!”


Worthing Pier wrapped in plastic: courtesy of plasticisrubbish.com

Worthing Pier wrapped in plastic: courtesy of plasticisrubbish.com

“It was the film of Trashed that really upset me. So the one thing we have really changed is to buy washing up liquid and fabric conditioner, hand wash cream etc. in bulk and refill bottles, on the basis that even plastic recycling isn’t perfect. So we have greatly reduced the volume of plastic in the recycling bin.

But we are lucky in that we have plenty of space in the cellar so it is easy for us to have bulk refills.

I’ve also tried to reduce my supermarket shopping as local shops generate less packaging i think…..and Food4Macc of course is mostly in reusable bags.

I’ve found the challenges very thought provoking so thank you!!”


And here are some snippets from conversations I’ve had with you:

Someone told me how they fitted a rainwater butt in the summer and then it didn’t rain for weeks!  I’m hoping the weather has made up for that now…

Others discussed how they now find a use for “secondhand” water, such as watering the plants, and they compost far more.

And thrift seems to come naturally to many, especially some of the older generations, and seeing the challenges has given them confidence in their lifestyle as opposed to feeling stingy in some way.  

Let’s reverse the trend of consumerism!