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 Looking Back!

We are taking a break by looking back at the past six months and seeing what changes we have managed to make in our day to day and their positive impacts for the future.  We have been so impressed with your stories so far and will be posting a page of testimonies in January.

In our house we do seem to have managed to keep water consumption down – last time I looked at the bill, we were consuming 75 l/person/day if you consider the children as full people (if you know what I mean), 100 l/person/day if the two children count as being equivalent to one adult – and yes, we wash every day!

But let me give you a trivial example of how I’ve made a permanent change work on several levels.

In my bid to be plastic free – after total failure in August because of the holidays – I started to ask the barista at the coffee shop to omit the lid on my take away cup, and not fill it to the top.  This was quite awkward, and then I found out that the cup itself contained a plastic layer, because an impermeable layer is required by EU regulation…

coffee cupthermos cup

So I bought a thermal cup with a lid and handle – the barista is more than happy to use my cup, I’m less of a risk to others, my coffee is kept warm, and the cup is less prone to spillages.  And I use it over and over! That will hopefully be at least 50 plastic-paper cups saved a year!

Your December challenge is to write in with your win-win-win steps to a more sustainable lifestyle, or list the permanent changes you have made, so that we can review and encourage others well into the New Year.

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