Next Community Market Garden Meeting

Next Market Garden meeting:

Tuesday 14 July 7.30 pm Zoom Meeting. Email for details if you haven’t received them; all welcome. Come and hear the folk at local producers Groobarb talk about local veg growing.

How secure are our food chains?

Read Althea’s blog number 2….

Next Community Market Garden Meeting Wednesday 1 July 7.30pm on Zoom.

email for zoom link.

Meeting 17 July:

Ped and Angela from the Chew Magna Community Farm are joining us for a Q&A so we can learn from a successful community market garden project. In order to ensure the meeting is as worthwhile for everyone as possible, please read this important note from Sarah:

I think this document is the most useful one for us: It includes something of their story since 2009 and might be inspiring for us to think how we might write our strategic plan too/
Ideal if people would add their questions directly into the google doc that I’ve just set up, here:

If you don;t have the zoom link and would like to join please email us for it

How Secure is our Food Supply? Has the corona crisis made you think differently about it?

Check out the first of Anthea’s five blogs on food: where it comes from, how secure our food chains are and what happens when things go wrong…and what can we do about it?

Click to access antheas-food-security-blog-1.pdf

How secure is our food supply? Check out the first of Anthea’s series of five blogs about the impact of the lockdown on how we see our

Developing a Wilmslow Market Garden

Next meeting Wednesday 3rd June 7.30. Email for Zoom link. All welcome.

Food Group Meeting 220420

We are now meeting to discuss the possibility of a Wilmslow Community Market Garden. Please join us! Minutes of last meeting above; next meeting Weds 6th May 7.30pm. Email for zoom link. All welcome.

Community Vegetable Growing

At our Wilmslow in 2060 meeting last week we realised that food is going to be an increasingly scarce resource and we really need to start growing fruit and vegetables in a serious way. The food group are going to address this so do join us; lots of great ideas circulating already but we need more! This article in The Times is inspiring: anyone know any farmers locally who might do the same?

Cambridge farmer donates land for vegetable plots

Food in the Time of Corona and how to get us all vegetable growing…

Top Tips for growing your own veg and list of local delivery services

Update: Another recommendation: :”Another to add to the list of local suppliers. We get our milk delivered from Sheldon’s in Knutsford- They deliver in Wilmslow and can other food Bread, eggs They were taking new customers as of this Monday.

Not food but I saw Dan’s DIY was open today on my walk and I believe he can order in for you.”

Sarah Bridle’s TED-x talk is here:

Food Group Meeting March 2020

Notes from TW FOOD GROUP meeting 27 March 2020

The newly invigorated food group met virtually and covered areas such as Meat Free Monday, how we access food in the time of corona, and vegetable growing. Check out garryosonfurniture on instagram for vegetable growing tips.

Food and Climate Change

Food and Climate Change without the hot air

Professor Sarah Bridle, Professor of Astrophysics at The University of Manchester has turned her attention to the carbon cost of the food we eat. The main messages are to reduce the shocking amount of food UK consumers throw away each week, and to reduce meat and dairy consumption, but it is quite complicated! Sarah recommends these resources to get you started:

Check out
and our online game
Local Councillor Lata Anderson suggested Wilmslow goes “Meat Free Monday” let us know what you think!



We support:

Incredible Edible Wilmslow – “replanting unloved plots in Wilmslow town centre with herbs, fruit and vegetables for everyone to enjoy”


Annual food waste from UK households, hospitality and food service, food manufacture and the retail and wholesale sectors amounts to around 12 million tonnes, valued at more than £19 billion.  For every two tonnes we eat, another tonne is wasted.

WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) was set up in 2000 to promote sustainable waste management. “To safeguard UK food we need a step-change to increase sustainable food and drink production and consumption, conserve resources and combat climate change”. Dr Richard Swannell, Director of WRAP sustainable food systems.

Open Kitchen Manchester is a fantastic organisation…if you need catering for work or for a party, contact them….they convert food that would otherwise go to waste into delicious meals at a very reasonable cost that they deliver to your door.

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