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September 2017

The Transition Wilmslow response to the Neighbourhood Plan Emerging Policies Document Consultation is here: Transition Wilmslow Reponse to Neighbourhood Plan 2017

Please don’t forget to respond on line yourself before 30 September http://wilmslownp.org.uk


August 2017

The E&P group have responded to planning applications for the Royal London and Little Stanneylands sites: read our comments here:

Transition Wilmslow commensts on Little Stanneylands developement proposals July 2017

TW response to CEC ‘s Royal London Framework( August 2017)

We continue to press for the importance of green space and sustainable transport links, as well as sustainable building practices. Transition Wilmslow would welcome any comments.

We held a steering group consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan in July, and will be formulating our collective response later this month. Everyone should read and comment on the plan; see http://www.wilmslownp.org.uk

May 2017

The  Environment & Planning Group have produced an update on their responses to the Cheshire East Local Plan.

Local Plan update May 2017

Transition Wilmslow would welcome any comments.  Contact here


July 2016

The local planning scene is now abuzz with activity!

  • Following the recent consultation in the Spring an amended CEC Local Plan is being prepared for the Inspector with hearing sessions to be resumed in September.TW submitted comments on a number of areas and have requested to participate in sessions on The Vision, Green Belt and
  • Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared for Wilmslow and the first round of public consultation is now underway.
  • The Lindow Moss planning application which the Lindow Moss group has been co-ordinating is due to be heard by the CEC Strategic Planning committee on 13th July 2016. We are now seeing a resurgence of applications for housing development e.g. the Ned Yates site.

In addition we now have the Wilmslow Partnership which was formed to canvass for projects to promote the economic, social, environmental and cultural health of the town and then source funds to bring selected projects to fruition. The team includes representatives from three voluntary organisations: the Wilmslow Business Group, Wilmslow Trust and Transition Wilmslow. TW is currently working on proposals on our funding our Landscape on your Doorstep project and implementing Green Corridors through the town. We have also been discussing proposals for a Community Hub/Heritage Centre through sites, initially the Old stables and now at the defunct public toilets in South Drive.

Whilst work on the CEC local plan has taken up a lot of our time recently, we now have an excellent opportunity to influence our local area in Wilmslow by contributing  to the Neighbourhood Plan and bringing forward proposals to the Wilmslow Partnership.

Response to Cheshire East Local Plan

You can view Transition Wilmslow’s response to Cheshire East Council’s Local Plan here TW Comments CE Local Plan April 2014.

Landscape Character Assessment

Following on from our Countryscape talk in August we’ve had very positive feedback on our plans to undertake a Landscape Character Assessment of Wilmslow and to progress the project we have decided to contract Countryscape to carry out the first information gathering and mapping phase of the work.  This should ensure that we get a head start to enable us to produce the Assessment in the timescales dictated by Cheshire East Council in their Wilmslow Vision consultation.

The basis of the assessment is that the landscape of the town is more than just the physical surroundings, it has been shaped by people interacting with the environment, and memories and experiences shape the sense of place.  Deeper understanding of Wilmslow’s landscape is a key element of developing sustainable plans for the future. As a group, we are interested in what a landscape assessment can tell us, particularly at a time when the future vision of Wilmslow is under discussion.

Transition Wilmslow are undertaking the LCA for the following reason:

–   It will enable us to engage with the planning process with particular emphasis on the Wilmslow Vision.

–    It will be beneficial to the Transition Wilmslow core groups enabling them to spot specific opportunities in the community.

–    It will allow us to proactively produce something which would contribute to discussions with the Wilmslow Town Council and Cheshire East Council.

We have decided to make the Civil Parish boundary of Wilmslow our core study area (ie Wilmslow Town Council area plus Handforth and Styal), but taking in areas of adjoining countryside as appropriate, especially towards Alderley Edge to the South, and picking up the whole of the former Lindow Moss to the West.

Next steps are to contact other local organisations to let them know about the project and to meet with Wilmslow Town Council to discuss the Wilmslow Vision,  the LCA project and Transition Wilmslow in general.

LCA Meeting Minutes 03 Sept 2012

February 2013 – Exciting news that we have a group of four 4th year undergraduate students on the Masters in Town and Country Planning programme at the University of Manchester who are going to undertake a client based project on developing a Green Infrastructure Plan for Wilmslow.

The students are Jake Crompton, Matt Spells, Becky Lomas and Simon Roberts. The students will give a presentation of their results to TW in May and will produce a short brochure on their findings.  We look forward to working with them and benefitting from their expertise.

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