Green Doors

Success of our first Green Doors event

On the day when many people went to see fast cars in Wilmslow, others were busy looking at how to make their houses more energy efficient. Wilmslow Green Doors was a great success. Some 50 people came through the 6 houses open at some point of the day, asking lots of questions, whether about solar electricity, wood burning stoves, air source heat pumps, or just simple steps anyone could take to save energy. The Energy Group of Transition Wilmslow was delighted with the success and has agreed to run the event again next year, with more houses opening their doors.

Andrew Backhouse, from the group, said “It is obvious people would much rather compare notes with other local people, to see what they can do in their own house, without being pressurised by a salesperson”

As a result of visiting a Green Doors house, one couple invited volunteers from Transition Wilmslow to survey their house by using the infrared heat camera on their house that same evening, to find out where they were losing heat.

Other people had similar surveys done earlier this year as part of the Transition Wilmslow LEAF project to help improve the energy efficiency of their homes. One householder, Peter Carne, said:

“I have been closing curtains more often without prompting… I now have foil behind the radiators and draft excluders around the external doors resulting in the house being much warmer and turning down the heating. I have also replaced several bulbs throughout the house for lower energy ones. These actions plus my solar panels since November 11 have definitely reduced my energy bills.”

If you live in the Wilmslow area, would like your house surveyed for free as you start to turn up your heating, and would like to save energy and money, please contact Andrew Backhouse on 07929 188014 /