Energy saving tips

November 2013

One of the biggest questions at this time of year is what to do about


……..on windows, and even on walls in some houses.

Consulting one of our experts, Frances Hill, who lectures at the Centre for Alternative Technology, she asks

“What’s producing all the moisture?

Lots of showers?Is it from cooking?

Do you have extractor fans in your bathroom and kitchen, to remove the moisture when and where it is produced?

Are you drying clothes inside? Try to hang clothes to dry outside as much as possible, and turn on extractor fans.”

There will always be some condensation from the people breathing in the house, when that meets a cold surface unless you can insulate or ventilate more or raise the temperature. Opening windows for a bit of time in the morning would be what you would do in Germany and it does help (and close them after half an hour or so).

One of the cheapest methods, once you have done what is suggested above, is to fit shrink fit plastic to windows – particularly in those rooms you use less often, with poor double or single glazing as it stops a huge amount of condensation and keeps those rooms warmer too. Lots of DIY stores sell it – made in Macclesfield, and very cheap.

Another question we hear a lot about, is

“Will putting in cavity wall insulation raise the condensation level on walls?”

The evidence is that it will save energy costs quickly and it rarely gives other problems, so well worth doing.

We hope this will help you dry out your house a bit and save some energy costs!


May 2013

Have a look at the Macc 20:20 energy web pages for some great links and tips for saving energy and money …


Wash day …

Take advantage of the weather (when it isn’t raining) and get that washing out on the line.

Saves energy and money too!

Check out the forecast here

When Santa got stuck up the chimney …

He made the house a lot warmer! Well maybe Santa isn’t ideal, but one way to save energy and reduce draughts is to block the chimney (if you aren’t using it!) Newspaper will work, but you can get chimney balloons, as successfully used by one house in Wilmslow that we surveyed as part of our LEAF project.

Chimney balloons are available from:

John C Yates Ltd

3 Kendal Drive

Tel: 0161 439 6336

Secondary double glazing

It is really expensive to install double glazing and if the existing frames are fine, not a good use of resources. Stormguard of Macclesfield make a seasonal double glazing film with double sided tape (alternatively, sheets of plastic are available from Homebase). One of our energy team, Andrew, has recently insulated several windows using this method and found it to be pretty effective and very cheap. However, he found that it is essential to read the instructions in full before starting to fit – as he admits he made a mistake or two in the process!

Contact Andrew Backhouse if you want to know  more – 01625 537087

Installing radiator foil

Check out Adam the Green Doctor from Groundwork Cheshire demonstrating how to install radiator foil:

Older tips can be accessed here:

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