Energy group meetings

 TW Energy Group Update: October 2017Energy Group Steering Group notes October 2017

Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 30 January 2017

Present: Ali, Anthony, Joy, Geoff, Luigi, Andrew, Helen

  1. Energy – Steering Group meeting, 9 March 19.30-21.00, venue: Friend’s Meeting House (tbc)

Speakers: Mike Rance (previously of Go-Lo Macc) has already been invited, Anthony to confirm with him. Colin Farrelly from Cheshire East, who is responsible for the energy efficiency measures at Wilmslow Leisure Centre, will also be contacted (Anthony). Andrew Backhouse (Transition Wilmslow) will also speak and summarise what we have been doing in the Energy Group. Other options might be Pete Bulmer from Cheshire West or Matt O’Neill of Cheshire East, who is the major projects manager and is responsible for geothermal in Crewe.

We will have welcome tea/coffee from 7.15 (?). The format will be 3 presentations lasting approximately 45 minutes in total followed by a panel discussion, chaired by Anthony Jones. Geoff Levermore will be part of the discussion panel and Francis will be invited (Andrew)

Advertising/marketing: Press release article (Anthony) for Wimslow Express, Wimslow Guardian, Inside Wilmslow and Alderley Edge, plus others on the comms distribution list. Ali to check with Pat about deadlines and also about who else to invite.

Meeting objectives:

  • Raise awareness of energy generation and storage
  • Have a group of Transition Wilmslow Ambassadors to Identify people who might be interested in being involved with an energy ‘hub’ and to also identify people who might be interested in joining TW.
  1. Group aims for 2017

Suggestion of holding a 1 day workshop/conference on Energy and Well-being later in the year, possibly at the Guild. Some ideas included a talk from a health psychologist, looking at global to personal impacts of energy consumption on well-being, to have a demonstration vehicle from Tesla in Knutsford.

Wilmslow Motor Show – what else can we do? Cycle stall staffed by TW volunteers? Andrew to follow up.

Energy leaflet needs updating. Andrew has the PDF. Review what is on there and add ‘put on a jumper’ to the top tips. Have a look at top tips leaflets produced by other groups (e.g. Transition Northwich).

  1. Surveys

Andrew has trained up 2 more surveyors and we have now done about 20 of the 40 needed for the Town Council grant. Andrew will send me the emails of people who need to fill in the survey questionnaire. Andrew will draft something for a flyer that we can hand out to community groups e.g. church groups. Ali will do her own house.

  1. Communication issues

Some members of the energy group aren’t getting the email meeting invitations. TW comms are keen to have a standard approach to emails using MailChimp, but it seems that these don’t always get through, possibly due to spam filters. Ali will raise this with comms at the next meeting. Ali to investigate using DoodlePoll to get responses from people about whether they are able to attend meetings and to be able to follow up if there is a no rseponse from a particular person.

  1. New energy group chairperson. Helen is going to have a think about it.


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 4 February 2016

Present: Joy, Luigi, Andrew, Ali

Apologies: Kate, Chris, Helen

  1. NECCE – update

No progress, Andrew still plans to speak to the high school about sponsoring a panel as opposed to investing. Need to revise the numbers again with the new FITs. Ali will speak to Kate (Action AHB)

  1. Thermal Camera Surveys
  • How many we have done for the Town Council Grant
  • How many to do
  • Advertising options?, Facebook, friends and family etc.?

Ali to do an interim report to the council. Also, a Public report for the press to advertise what we’re doing. Get in contact with Inside Wilmslow and Alderley Edge in July to maybe do a report on TW and camera surveys, for inclusion in Aug/Sep. (Action AHB)

    3. What do we want to do this year?

Update from workshop – Andrew will speak to the school. Hydro may be an option for the weir, but not sure how viable that will be at the moment (Action AB).

  1. Other Items

Debates – guest speakers. Tim Jackson (AHB), Derek White (AB), George Monbiot (Joy and Luigi). We will have a think about other people who might be willing to come and give a talk.. Suggestions for a topic for debate? (Action All).

Car show – Andrew knows someone who is involved with running the car show and will ask speak to them about their plans to include electric vehicles. (AB to follow up).

We will have a think about who might be best to do a talk to the business group.  Andrew did a thermal camera survey of the Wilmslow flower shop as result of the last talk. They have now moved, so might be interested in a repeat survey.

The WI might be interested in a talk (AHB to contact).

Community space opportunity at the Old Stables – what can we do as the energy group? Can we make energy saving fun?

Ali Abbas – NWCEN. Ask for Andrew to be put on the list (AHB to do).

  1. Next meeting: Film: Hot in the city – Tyndall Centre. Community Energy Monitor – Tyndall Centre and the grid are working on the Urban Heat Island effect. How we use energy in cities, e.g. air conditioning, PV – how does that affect the demand on the grid.


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 1 December 2015

Present: Ali Berry, Andrew Backhouse, Helen Lederer, Anthony Jones, Joy and Luigi

  1. Thermal Camera

The thermal camera work is ongoing and we have done around 10 houses out of the 40 we need to do for the Town Council Grant. We need to have a big push in the New Year to get these done. If anyone has any requests for a thermal camera survey please let Ali know.  Helen isn’t available to do surveys until after Christmas. Ali to follow up with those people who have said they would like one.

The Town Council have apparently got a grant for upgrading 10 houses including some sort of battery storage. Ali will see Rod Menlove at the Wilmslow Partnership Communication meeting and will ask about this and also thank him for helping us with our top tips leaflets. Ali to feedback from this meeting.

  1. NECCE

The future of Feed-in-Tariffs is still uncertain and so the community energy work is on hold. NECCE are speaking to the high school about alternative ways to fund the PV panels.

The national press has been alerted to the lack of support from George Osborne for community renewable energy generation in his constituency. Also the Wilmslow Guardian. Caitlin might be interviewed about it on behalf of the High School. NECCE are will be speaking to the high school about alternative ways to fund the PV panels, e.g. donations, ‘Sponsor a panel’ etc.

  1. Debate: Behaviour change is the best route to sustainability.

We had an interesting discussion about behaviour change in general and also what we can do to help others change their energy-related behaviours. The way that attitudes and behaviours relating to smoking have changed was suggested as an analogy for climate issues.  Apparently smokers responded best to a senior person telling them not to, and the more senior the better. It was recognized that behaviour change is a very slow process.  We talked about what we have done and the things that have encouraged us to change our behaviour such as age, knowledge and worry.  Is there a mindfulness tool that we could use to help us change our behaviour?

What we might be able to do to help was also discussed. Can we group people together and target them with something like a workshop to ask them what they want or need to be able to change their energy-related behaviours? Can we package energy saving to people? Find the hook – cheapest, most fun, status, altruistic, virtuous etc.? How do we market low carbon and what are other Transition Groups doing? Can we involve the Wilmslow Business group in this?

Or … should we just be pursuing a technological fix? New technology is being developed all the time, such as Quantum Dots for PV, which will allow more of the solar spectrum to be used to generate electricity. All of our global energy demand could be generated by a small (ish) proportion of the work being covered in PV.

Andrew suggested that it could be fun to work with a community group such as the Guides. He will speak to them and offer to go round with the thermal camera. We could insulate their hut and do something like a skill share event in there.

  1. Date of next meeting is 4 February 2016 at Joy and Luigi’s house.

Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 26 October 2015

Present: Ali, Andrew, Anthony , Chris D, Chris F, Joy and Luigi, Helen, Francis. Joe

Apologies: Caitlin, Kate

  1. Thermal camera work

There have been some requests for thermal surveys and Chris has already done one this year. We still need to do around 30 to fulfil the Town Council Grant. Andrew has got a thermal imaging camera on loan from Lancaster University until end of Feb. Ali is going to organise the surveys and write them up, with the aim of having a best practise archive that we can use for building our knowledge as we continue with this work. Chris, Andrew, Helen and Anthony will be doing the survey work.

  1. Community energy – update on progress

The current Government consultation process for reducing and possibly removing Feed-inTariff support for local small-scale renewable energy generation has meant that there is a huge amount of uncertainty as to whether the NECCE school PV project will be viable with it’s proposed business model. The next NECCE meeting is 1 Nov and the implications of the FIT consultation will be discussed further then.

  1. Discussion: ‘Is Fracking a Good Idea?’

Chris D lead the debate with some very informative video clips from the British Geological Society about what fracking is and what the risks and benefits actually are. There was a lively discussion around some of the main issues:

  • ground water pollution from the chemicals that are pumped into the ground as part of the fracking process
  • the benefits of generating local energy in the UK and security of our energy supply
  • whether the government support fracking is reducing their commitment to renewables
  • the concern that burning shale gas still contributes to CO2 emissions and contributes to global warming

Having a topic for discussion was a great success and we will be doing the same at the next meeting. Please contact Ali with any suggestions for the next topic.

  1. Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 1 Dec 2015, 7.30 at Helen’s House.


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 19 June 2015

Present: Ali, Andrew, Joy and Luigi

Apologies: Chris

  1. Wilmslow Show
  • Volunteers for the rota
  • Display material/signeage
  • Smoothie maker?
  1. Thermal Camera

This is still on the back-burner until August/September. Ali will write up all the houses surveyed early in 2015 from last time and to come up with a better way to archive the results from previous surveys. Still to be done: draw up a heating strategy best practice, have a list of ‘home truths’ and revisit the top tips leaflet.

  1. Community Energy

In progress.


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting:  21 April 2015

Present: Ali, Andrew, Anthony , Chris, Geoff, Lindsay

Apologies:, Joy and Luigi, Caitlin, Kate, Helen

  1. Rob Hopkins

AB will prepare a presentation for Friday morning.

  1. Thermal Camera

We will leave this on the back-burner until July/August. Some ideas for the next season are to draw up a heating strategy best practice, have a list of ‘home truths’ and revisit the top tips leaflet. We will aim to have some of these available on our webpage. Some ideas for internal temperature monitoring were discussed: Geoff has used USB linked ‘ibuttons’ to measure temperature on an academic project investigating the urban heat island effect. Chris mentioned that there are RH and temperature USB monitors available.  Chris will get back in touch with Andy F, who has taken up his living room floor to put insulation down following our thermal camera survey.

  1. Community Energy

The high school is interested and Andrew will be meeting with the business manager at the school. He is looking into other roof options. The council won’t be doing anything with renewable energy for schools in case they go to academy status. Feed in tariffs (FITs) reduce every quarter so our current financial model needs revising  (Kate and Andrew). The Solar Schools project run by 10:10 and funded by Good Energy is an alternative option to help schools with crowd funding for solar PV. Options like sponsoring/’selling’ the panels are another way to raise capital. Schools need to go through a procurement process so we need to be aware of the other options they have and what are the benefits of us running the project. Salix funding is another way for schools to borrow money for energy efficiency projects, but not for PV.

Andrew will also be getting in contact with someone from Macc 20/20 to see whether they are interested in being involved. Next meeting is Saturday 25 April.

  1. Wilmslow Show

The Energy Group is hosting this year’s TW stall and as well displaying our on-going thermal camera work we will use it to raise the profile of the community energy project. Our objectives for the day are to recruit energy ambassadors to get involved with the project and to identify people who might be interested in investing.

Volunteers will be needed from the energy group to help on the stall on the day.  Kate has some energy related display material and Chris has a solar cooker that we can borrow for the day (Kate/Chris to confirm). Chiltern Community Energy has a PV model railway that we might be able to borrow as well (action Kate).

  1. Carbon Footprint Surveys

Geoff is involved with Carbon Neutral Chapels and also interested in doing carbon neutral surveys. The Ashton Hayes approach is available for others to use and he should be able to get hold of their methodology. Kate mentioned the O-power approach, which is an energy efficiency platform using personalised communications.

  1. Other items:
  • Kate is going to be involved with an event following on from ’Powering Up North’ called ‘Powering Down’ and will let us know more in due course.
  • Ashton Hayes field trip – 9 May


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 2 March 2015

Present: Ali, Andrew, Chris, Geoff, Helen

Apologies: Anthony, Joy and Luigi, Caitlin, Kate

  1. Artisan market

Andrew is bringing the bike and will bring the top tips leaflets.

Ali will email round to organise the rota and will get hold of the leaflets, bunting etc from Pippa. Ali will print out sign up sheets.

We will discuss doing something for the market relating to the community energy project at the meeting on Monday

  1. Update from Andrew about the Community Energy

Geoff talked about export problem issues with local PV generation.

We need to find the profile for the energy consumption of the school, it probably will have an energy management system. Andrew to follow up.

Geoff would be interested in working with the school and helping them running energy projects.

  1. Thermal camera work

Ali gave an update on where we have got to with the thermal camera work (6 surveys done) and highlighted that we are unlikely to get all of the surveys done before the summer. Andrew said that we don’t have a deadline for the work and that it can continue on into the autumn. Chris has given 2 excellent training sessions attended by Helen and Ali.

  1. Other events

Rob Hopkins visit 7/8 May – the energy group will give a presentation in the morning after the Rob Hopkins talk to present our work with the thermal camera and the community energy project.

Wilmslow show 5 July – the energy group will be showcasing their work at the show.

Date of next meeting: 6 April 2015 at Geoff Levermore’s House.


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 15 January 2015

Present: Libby Moore, Ali Berry, Caitlin McAndry, Helen Lederer, Andrew Backhouse,

Apologies: Chris Daniel, Luigi and Joy Pagano

1) Ideas for good people to help setting up a community benefit company for community energy and other thoughts

Andrew has approached Garry Gresham, Amanda Stevens, Rod Menlove and will also talk to Kate Gilmartin to se if they are willing to be part of a shadow board in order to set up a community benefit society. Ali and Helen are interested too.

Andrew to circulate the revised business plan that Kate has drawn up for the pupils info to Helen and Ali.

Caitlin has a list of people interested at the High School and will be inviting us to speak to Science Society on Wednesday afternoon in about a month’s time. All and Kate Gilmartin to do this. Caitlin and Libby will try to set up a meeting with the governors to present the case for PV on the school’s roofs, Andrew will send Caitlin some bullet points of things to raise with her school colleagues.

2) Ideas for training up more people to use thermal camera/offering refresher training, promoting the offer.

Helen and Ali are wiling to take on the organisation for energy surveys and will hopefully be paid for some of their time through the bid that Andrew has put in to the Town Council. Update 19/1/15 – this bid was successful and we have been awarded £2000 for a new thermal imaging camera battery, a contribution towards camera insurance, for training volunteer surveyors and organising surveys of 40 houses. 

3) New chair person for the year

Ali is willing to take this on from our next meeting.

4) Other things to discuss/put on our agenda

We are penciled in for the Artisan market in March and Andrew will arrange to borrow the energy bike again. This has been successful in the past at getting people over to the stall and we can build on that to help to raise awareness of the community energy PV project.

Love Wilmslow, Love Our Planet is on 14th February at the guild. Caitlin suggested organizing a ‘stomp’ workshop, which will use scrap material to make music.

Ali is still working on the web site and would like a list of preferred suppliers and people we could recommend for installation of insulation, PV and solar hot water etc.

 5) Date of next meeting

Monday 16th February venue TBC


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 6 November 2014

Present: Andrew, Anthony, Ali and Helen.

Update on Community energy approach to Cheshire East Council staff – and next steps

Cheshire East is considering putting PV themselves on roofs of their offices and leisure centres, but have suggested we talk to the schools directly, and housing associations. Where do we go from here once we hear from Peaks and Plains or Wilmslow High School (which Andrew has contact already) or churches if they say no? We have discussed business roof possibilities. Andrew has contacted the URC and will contact the Methodists and the Guild too.

Update on application to Big Lottery fund

This was going to take 5 months to process and they have suggested reapplying in April, so the application has been withdrawn for now. We might try and apply for some funding from Cheshire East.

Requests for energy surveys.

We have 15 house requests and some business too. Andrew to send the form to Anthony who will try to get some other neighbours on Fulshaw Ave.

Feedback from those we have surveyed in the past.

Andrew has not done anything on this yet.

Anything exciting

Brainstorm like Anthony’s magic show – Open Doors with Open Gardens…..Open Doors and art and garden and music….Conservation and the arts…..Could put this on a tweet as a question, or to the steering group, or Ali might try to put a poll on the web too and Andrew tweet about it for next September. We want good ideas to get people visiting houses and talking about the issues!

Artisan Market in November.

We do want to do it – 10-1 Andrew, 2-4 – Helen

To have TW leaflets, energy leaflets, banners,, and Andrew to ask for electricity thing from Marple. Ali to draft a questionnaire as something interactive, but Ali is unable to attend. We will get a gazeb0 from Denise Valente anyway.

Next meeting

January 15th 7.30pm at Anthony’s or Chris’s …


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 10 October 2014

Apologies: Luigi and Joy Pagano, Chris Daniel, Geoff Levermore, Kate Gilmartin, Mike Carey.

Present: Andrew Backhouse, Ali Berry, Anthony Jones, Helen Lederer.

Community energy – moving it forward and next steps

1. Community Energy Day organised by Kate Gilmartin

There is a free workshop on this which will start at 10.30am on Tuesday 4th November. It will finish at 4. Andrew, Helen and Ali are hoping to go.

2. Community Energy publicity documents:

Documents need to be good enough for financial people and managers and teachers to read and so we are all clear about what it means and so we can sell it. We need to know safeguards/risk assessments, who runs it and who would be responsible. How would we manage this? Andrew to redraft and send to Helen and Ali to tear apart.

1 pager needs to say what pv is, how is it community owned – what it looks like and it needs to say there are various ways of financing this e.g. crowdfunding where the investors get 3-4 % back on their investment, which could also result in the community get money back and who is going to run it. And who to contact if interested.

Once these documents are OK then it will be OK to talk to school and leisure centre.

Awards for all funding application

Kate has emailed a few additional suggestions to Andrew and suggested the bid needs to concentrate  on the ‘package’ of works:

  • what it would deliver,
  • the outputs/outcomes,
  • how that could be measured and
  • the potential for replicating or longevity.
  • Andrew will endeavor to get this completed and sent again.

Energy Survey Requests

Energy surveys – we have a list of 14 requests for houses, and to help some businesses too and offers to help on this would be welcome. It’s getting to the colder season when the infra red works!

Energy issues:

Infrared panels use for heating houses were discussed – they are efficient to make the house feel warm when you arrive in it, if you have to use electricity to heat the house, and have another heat source to turn on to heat the whole place. They are not a good energy solution for the whole house.

Andrew also has details for houses that have installed air source heat pumps in Lymm.

Following up on past work and making a splash

Be good to consider how we could follow up those we have surveyed before to see what progress they have made to see how much carbon we have saved since then. Be great to show people how much they have saved – and for all of us in Wilmslow on the website.

We want to do something exciting in the green open house line again – could we pair it up with the Wilmslow Wells open gardens or do something else that would be OK to attract a story/publicity….Energy trail? Art and energy. Age of house – to compare notes, using photos to compare them. LEAF in Chorlton did this, and Lymm has similar – could be a web page. As associated with fun things as fun things….Anthony could do a magic show! We could make something more attractive for children/families to come along? We have to raise our profile in a fun way! We do have real credibility but need more….to make Wilmslow a different place. People who have allotments and go to garden show may be more likely to pick up interest – Handforth and Alderley Edge shows we could have leaflets etc. …

Other Items:

Carbon Coop Manchester are opening houses on the 18th and 19th October – you can book tours Andrew to forward to Helen.

February 14th Skill share – CTW – We could do energy saving tips like radiator foil, draughtproofing etc.

Our next meeting will be Thursday November 6th at Helen’s house.


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 3 September 2014

Present: Pippa for first bit, Kate, Helen, Anthony, and Andrew

Apologies: Flo, Ali

  1. Pippa and Anthony went to the community meeting in Sandbach on waste management to take back ideas to council. They were impressed by the group present and the suggested strategy.  San Francisco is trying to pilot bottled water free to cut the plastic waste.
  1. Come to the film “Powerful” on Tuesday 30th September at the Library at 7.15pm.
  1. We have a stall at the Artisan Market on the 21 September and will talk up getting ‘free’ energy surveys of houses, and a community energy project. Kate will bring some web linked energy monitors that could be borrowed and then someone can come round to see what they can do to save electricity. We hope to have a bike ride too and AB will chase Rob Sawyer. Andrew cannot be there. We will have 20 Top Tips leaflets, Transition Wilmslow leaflets, monitors and perhaps something about the community energy idea. Kate also has a game people can play.
  1. We had a bid for money from the Big Lottery rejected and Kate will have a look and we will see if we can reapply.
  1. Kate Gilmartin has been talking to Anthony, Ali and Andrew about a possible community energy project, putting PV on things like schools and leisure centres. Kate has drafted a plan and has received comments about the need for revision which she will do. We have questions about who are reputable installers, working with other sustainable groups in Cheshire East – and Peaks and Plains.  We need buy in from the council and Andrew will talk to the council LAP next week. We then hope Pippa can talk to some of the other councillors like Gary Barton and Wesley Fitzgerald and then we could hold a public meeting.
  1. Andrew will talk to Kate about the possibilities of a Quaker Community Energy Group to fund panels on the new Meeting House at Stockport.
  1. Rebecca was going to investigate whether it was sensible/possible to take up the offer of LEDs to sell/promote but she has gone off to do her Masters and we have not heard more.
  1. We are all too stretched and could do with a mindfulness course!
  1. Helen and Anthony are willing to help anyone who needs help with installing their library energy monitors.

Next meeting: 7.30, 10th October 31 Vale Head, Handforth Sk9 3BP


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 26 June 2014

Present: Anthony Jones, Ali Berry, Helen Lederer, Joy and Luigi Pagano, Rebecca Segal, Andrew Backhouse

1) We have put in an Awards for All application to develop work on energy surveys with local houses.

  • we could do more to promote the meters that are available from the libraries
  • we have been offered cheap LED lights to sell on our stalls

2) LEDs – have offered us LEDs to sell. We want to find out more – we would be tempted to sell them at the market stall but not if we have to pay up front…Discounts? Free samples? We need to know how many lumens they are compared to an ordinary lightbulb and how much money you are likely to save.

Halogen produce 17 lumens /watt, CFL 62.5 lumens/watt, and LEDs 75 lumens/watt. Can you recycle LEDs? AB to send stuff to Rebecca to check out.

3) We discussed how to replace halogen spotlights.

4) Bike ride towards Macclesfield  with Helen. aiming for 20th July if dry at 1.30pm – Helen to check dates and then publicity. (Looks like  this date is not possible for Helen so need to replan)..

5) How could we publicize electricity meters in libraries– tweet – Rebecca,

advertise meters in Vikings or Clarks? – and get your insulation here! Wilmslow Electrical might be asked too.

Ali to switch LEDs in one room and monitor the change in cost so we can have publicity for the money saved. This might also get into the Guardian Blog….

6) Artisan market ahead– AB needs to check with John and Jean as to whether we have the Sunday in September…and see if we can work alongside on energy? Could we have balloons/something recyclable? Something people might pay 50p for?  It might be worth having our own smoothie maker or electricity maker – useful for food group and for energy. Anthony might know someone…We could also try making a raw food cake…- an energy saving cake! Recipes to use up glut! Turning strawberries in to coulis…

7) Being creative with food and energy: Holding a pot luck low energy/carbon meal. Sprouted seeds? Mung beans contain a cancer busting thing. Pouring lemon juice over meat or fish can be used instead of cooking –  Ceviche cooking!

With a card of how it was made and take photographs for others to see/blog about. Open to all TW members. ‘Raw energy pot luck supper’…. Hay box? Pressure cooker? Raw? Microwave? Thermal Cooker? Steamer? Come and demonstrate with something using as little energy as you can! 27th July likely date. About 6pm. Probably at Helen’s.

Effectiveness for energy of Inductive hobs? Is it more efficient than gas?

Next meeting 3rd September – Anthony’s.


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 3 April 2014

Present: Andrew, Joy, Luigi, Ali, Helen

Apologies: Chris

1)     Wilmslow Energy Group:

Electricity Monitors to borrow from Alderley Edge, Handforth and Wilmslow libraries from 5.4.2014

2)     Working with local businesses

Andrew and Rebecca helped survey 115 Knutsford Rd for Ian Lloyd’s new flower shop advising on the flat above and the shop itself.

3)     Recent house surveys and outcomes:

Joy and Luigi’s pv electricity has done really well since the start of April – 13 kwh generated yesterday in addition to the hot water from their solar panel. Rebecca has done 3 houses and Andrew more so we only have 8 houses on the list. People are fed up with telephone sales and feel they can be ripped off too easily by door to door salesmen. We could do with generating a reputable list of suppliers. Luigi happy with Skygen from Macclesfield.

4)     Any other issues on energy:

Electric Cars: Andrew has not followed up the following from last time! Electric cars vs hybrid- apparently the second hand value is non-existent because of the cost of batteries – how long do batteries last? Do they save money or just carbon emissions? What’s the real consumption? The group would like to suggest having a public meeting on this with some real sales people. Andrew would put it to the steering group.

Transport: Helen talked about the diesel taxis with huge particulate emissions outside the station block access for dropping off or picking up the disabled.

We need to make our transport system better integrated. Train is good in the day time – but to the Christie for example?  Could the X5 bus be extended out to Wilmslow.

There is a bus from Handforth Paddock to Tesco?!

How does Handforth East meet the sustainability criteria for transport links?

Bikes: Can the bike park at Wilmslow station be extended and provide one at Handforth station?

Ali now has a tagalong bike – could we have another bike ride and encourage tag alongs to come? Organise a ride to pick up via Alderley Edge? Helen will try and organise a bike ride towards Macclesfield – fix route and timing from Grove St. and tell us all!

Energy Habits: How do we get people to change their habits? We need pushes from all directions e.g.Could we be having a double summer time to allow people to have more time in the evening and encourage cycling etc then? Is there an energy point to this?!

Waste: Encouraging people to be waste volunteers? Trip to the recycling plant? Supermarkets are still giving too much wrapping in plastic which is waste. How do we reduce this too? When are plastic bags being charged for?

Vegie boxes? Ali using Able and Cole very positively. Food for Macc. Shentons in Handforth also try to get local foods.

5)     Next Meeting:

Thursday 12th June at Ali’s new house.


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 4 March 2014

Present: Andrew, Joy, Luigi, Rebecca, Helen, Chris

Apologies: Anthony, Ali, Flo, Geoff

  1. Wilmslow Energy Group:
    Work with Cheshire East (CEC), Handforth Parish and Wilmslow Town Council is going on including a bid for Awards for All money. CEC will pay for electricity monitors for the libraries if Transition Wilmslow buys them so Andrew is getting quotes. The latest meeting had people from Riverside housing who own much of Colshaw. They have energy champions that they are training up and will invite us when they next run a training session. Their neighbourhood warden and Andrew toured their offices with the camera. As a result they have reduced the timing for their heating though it does not have weekend setting which would save even more money, fitted an electricity monitor, and turned off screens to save over £450/year
  2. Artisan Market feedback and next steps
    It was cold this time, with a few sceptical people about thermal imaging because they could not believe it was free. Good to have the leaflet on what we had been doing. Selling raffle tickets was hard – tombola at the next stall was instant and much more attractive. Lots of positives and picked up another 9 requests for surveys.
  3. Working with local businesses –
    Travelwise have been visited and started to take action. Spending £10,000 a year on gas and electricity. More work to do on air conditioning and thermal imaging as too warm yesterday. Flower shop will be done in April when they move to their new premises. Chilli Banana and Guiliano to be done still.
  4. Recent house surveys and outcomes
    We have not been able to borrow an extra camera from the council yet, there are 14 houses still to do. Helen and Rebecca able to do some if we can line up a suitable date.
  5. What else do we fancy doing/do people have time to do? Joy has been to Coach and Four and wondered about their energy consumption. Rebecca might talk to the Bull’s Head where she is currently working – Low Carbon Lymm started by working on one particular pub to show the landlord how much he could save, to then be an advocate to his customers.6)  Any other issues:
  6. Chris will try and get hold of a Smart Sensor Energy EGG to see how effective it is.
    Blog – Rebecca is trying to write blogs on energy consumption but Chris wondered as to whether using Facebook as a blog posting site to link to the website might be useful for the group…We liked the work on the web site.
    Electric cars vs hybrid- apparently the second hand value is non-existent because of the cost of batteries – how long do batteries last? Do they save money or just carbon emissions? What’s the real consumption? The group would like to suggest having a public meeting on this with some real sales people. Andrew would put it to the steering group.
  7. Next Meeting
    Possible meeting on Thursday 3rd April at Joy and Luigi’s subject to Lindow Moss meetings etc.


Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 16 January 2014

Present: Chris Daniels, Joy and Luigi Pagano, Anthony Jones, Andrew Backhouse

Apologies: Ali Berry, Helen Lederer, Florence Collier

1) Work with Cheshire East, Handforth Parish and Wilmslow Town Council

As a result of talking to Ruth McNulty about support for Transition Wilmslow’s work on energy, the Local Action Plan group has set up an energy sub group with Andrew being joined by Rod Menlove and Richard Christopherson of Cheshire East, Handforth and Wilmslow  councillors, and Steve Flanagan of Cheshire Fire and Rescue. As a result;

a) They have printed some more of our leaflet with their logos, and are editing it to amend some bits and printing more to give out.

b) They have found some funding to make more energy monitors available – to be borrowable from libraries in Alderley Edge, Wilmslow and Handforth. Chris pointed out the usefulness of SMART meters which measure gas too, and Luigi would look up which energy companies gave them away for free.Chris would draft a tweet to put out on this.

c) They have helped Andrew draft an Awards for All bid for September action, to obtain a better thermal camera, to bring in new people to train to use the cameras and spot needs, to get more people reducing energy consumption – and of course encouraging us to ask for more people to get surveyed.

d) They encouraged Andrew to talk to Wilmslow Business Group to see if we could  survey a couple of businesses to save energy as exemplars for the others.

2) Latest work with houses arising from the last Artisan Market stall

Andrew has surveyed 15 of the 23 houses requesting a survey with some donations to TW. How do we get across proper insulation and drawing curtains to people? Chris and Anthony are happy to come back on board and survey some more houses as health needs in Andrew’s family are making this more difficult.

Anthony and Chris would like to follow up the houses they surveyed to find out what they have since done.

3) The next Artisan Market – staffing and display ideas

This should be 16th February and it would be fun, whilst still collecting requests for energy surveys, to push people to hang out washing rather than using tumble dryers

4) Anything else that seems fun or worthwhile doing …

Countryfile have asked for places they should visit. Lindow Moss would be great, and Andrew would encourage John Handley to put it in.

Chris demonstrated some of the things he has learnt to save over 50% of his energy since moving in – including a clever way of putting draughtstrips around windows and doors, which he should send some photos of to put on the web.

We also learnt that to clean the glass on the front of a woodburning stove you use a wet newspaper dipped in the wood ash!

We had brilliant cake at Chris’s.

Date of next meeting: 7.30pm 4th March 2014 at Joy and Luigi’s house.

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Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 17 October 2013

Present: Joy, Luigi, Ali, Andrew, Anthony, Fred (Joy’s brother!) Apologies: Helen Lederer

Lindow Moss – The Environment and Planning Group would like to meet with the Energy group to discuss how we might set up a standalone project group. We think it would be a good idea to have a separate project group, and Anthony would leave the energy group for it. Arup might be able to provide a facilitator for an open forum. Andrew would take on being energy group chair for now.

Anthony has talked to Tony Evans, Chair of the Saltersley Common Group, who’s very enthusiastic about the idea working together- though there may be other involved people who might not be as keen! One item of news from him, is that there is a bar of clay preventing the leakage from the old landfill getting in to the rest of the Moss.

We agree to meet with the E and P group on Tuesday 12th November at 8pm at Anthony and Pippa’s house.

There is lots of money gone into restoration of wetlands in other parts of Cheshire – but Cheshire East has stayed isolated. We need to get all the stakeholders around the table, and to clarify the vision and steps forward before taking it to the councillors.

There will be a stall about the Moss at the Lindow Singers concert on the 10th November at 7.30pm at Wilmslow URC, where there is a series of songs about Wilmslow including one about the desecration of the Moss.

Funding: CSE money. Andrew’s bid for CSE money was unsuccessful, but another failed candidate (Carbon Coop) has been approached by CSE to suggest they work with us and another south Manchester body to develop a new bid for December.

Andrew will now develop the bid to go for the Town Council for survey camera work or to help on Open Doors with Keith Purdon or Ruth McNulty to be approached as sponsors.

Green Doors – no one came to Joy and Luigi, or to Garry Olson, and Andrew got just one visitor. Anthony and Pippa got at least 8. It looks like it would have been better to target groups as that is who came to Anthony’s. We need to learn what is working for other groups. Did having less houses work less well? We did get coverage on and a small amount in the Express, and the message was tweeted on considerably. Should we have more available on our website? And get funding to get the story out there, with people talking about what they’ve done on the web? We will try to do that – and to do one house to be seen in action the following month. Ali will do a recording of Luigi talking about his energy savings. We should use Luigi and Joy as useful people to promote to other older people with bungalows. Anthony will send Ali and Andrew some pictures from Green Doors.

AB will try to get a stall for the November Artisan Market to promote energy saving.

Other items: 25th October BBC film on saving energy – AB to tweet about and email to Anthony and Ali etc.

Rented houses – how to target them? And Landlords have no incentive – or have they? Work with Karen from Cheshire East?

And how to help shops? A company called STEP? Could we do surveys of shops to learn what they could do to save energy? And get donations to TW? Offer to the Wilmslow Business Group? Ask one shop owner to work with us and get improvements….Andrew to try

Ali and others have been looking at how to update the website and make it more interesting.

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Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 4 September 2013

Present: Helen Lederer, Luigi and Joy Pagano, Anthony Jones, Andrew Backhouse, Ali Berry, Flo Collier

Apologies: Mike Carey, Chris Daniel

Green Doors:

There has been much action since energy surveys were done  and Green Doors: Helen has introduced underfloor insulation under the kitchen and hallway – and so have Joy and Luigi , with also a better door on the kitchen,  put wall insulation on a section of wall that needed insulating and rebuilding, and insulation in roof space. And an induction hob which they are finding very efficient.

Anthony has put on photovoltaics and rebuilt garage to make more thermally efficient/better insulation, improved door both ….. For the Green Doors he would promote Compost, chickens, wormery, and a Brompton folding bike as a means of transport (as well as a Toyota Aygo).

Andrew to ask someone who was surveyed in September who has some triple glazing done on the outside of the building. And ask Geoff Levermore again too. . Joy will be open in the afternoon. Andrew and Anthony am. Anthony will make sure a decent photo is taken.

Helen will find out what went under her floor and think about being open…..

Ali has Bokashi bins for cat food waste and meat waste is a safe way to get rid of meat….to  place at anyone’s house to demonstrate this.

Leaflet needed for the stall, and we need TW leaflets….Andrew will undertake. We each need to record who comes and ask people if they want to sign up for a camera survey.

Andrew will ask for Town Council to sponsor some houses and cost out for the time for himself. (See last September’s notes about our aims and objectives). Could ask for more? Could we ask the churches and halls we surveyed and even the people last time to get feedback one what they have done since? (Andrew has discovered he does not have information on the most recently done surveys because of a computer crash)

We should try recruiting some more local people to learn how to use the camera and do their neighbours….Aim to recruit more green ambassadors – on every road over the next 15 years?

Luigi is happy to share his investment and income from his pv which faces almost due south.

Lindow Moss – follow up to the meeting in June.

Lindow Moss walk next Tuesday – Ali will take photos and Andrew try to write up.  Ali to send Helen the details.

Anthony, Ali, (and John Handley) to arrange to meet Saltersley Common people and John was to prepare a document on the future possibilities.

There was then a discussion on the Moss and future…..How much to revert to bog? Ambitions?  Quantifiable benefit?  Flo  happy to pursue support from Ove Arup once the Saltersley Common people are board.

Other issues:

The TransportGroup has stopped operating and we will incorporate some of the issues with us – Andrew will ask Northern Rail for a deal on tickets to promote trains.

Car share – we could explore more and could do car use in our house surveys?

Next meeting 17th October 7.30pm 50 Sagars Road, Handforth Joy and Lugis’s house

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Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 11 April 2013

Present: Helen Lederer, Chris Daniel, Anthony Jones, Ali Berry, Andrew Backhouse

Apologies: Geoff Levermore, Luigi and Joy Pagano – busy fitting insulation under the floor as well as new wall insulation!

Matters arising from last time not covered elsewhere

Gas capture from Lindow Moss dump – Helen has talked to Cheshire East who say it is a low calorific flare burning 56% and in 2011 it was 67% running of the time – so it is running out – but they are relooking at how it might be done as the costs seem to be falling too. Helen has asked John Lockett from the council to be kept in touch

Websites – Ali met with others on Monday on updating the website – not viewer friendly, and will be addressed.  Ali wants pictures too including pictures at next Green Doors and from our own houses. Pictures too – and of insulating floor .Chris will do this – All

Put products for website – shower heads, saving water with water meters – more conscious on how you use water At least 10% discount for Wilmslow Electrical if you say TW sent you for LED bulbs. Chris has fitted Integral cfd light bulbs with a wifi dimmer  which is saving money  for dimmers.

Energy Assessment of Houses – LEAF

Anthony recapped on learning from LEAF last year for Helen, lack of trust for door knocking salesmen. Chris picked up on what he’d learnt – surveying similar houses with the same numbers of occupants, yet which could use twice as much energy. People could learn why – and then how to save it. Macc 2020 have launched a public interest company to deliver their second project.  Chris will talk to Macc 2020 and Andrew will send the details to Chris – CD/AB

We will also get the links to Macc2020/Golo’s energy saving tips on our website – Ali

It will take time to organise how surveys are done for more of Wilmslow, to work out the cost for surveying 50 houses to ask for a grant from the Town Council and ask for donations on the website too. Include cost of monitors. We know our model works – this is what happened last time – AB

This could be done by email over the next two months – Helen and Chris and Andrew are keen on energy efficiency in houses …

Lindow Moss

Anthony will look at Lindow Peat – and Amanda Daniel is also like to be interested ( John Handley identified Cheshire East own the moss but lease it out to a company, which is supposed to be losing money because it is poor quality peat. There are fewer sites available to dig peat….may be hoping to get planning permission to build on the land…or some other reason for keeping going. The Moss is restorable if the drainage ditches are blocked. Potential carbon sink, nature resource, leisure pursuits for adult and kids too, education resource if restored, with access around.

Need to take a vision to paint to people – views of what it could look like – mobilise local people.

Invite Saltersley Common group to meet with TW including John to develop a strategy towards a vision. We will tell Steering Group but Ali will arrange a meeting with John and the Saltersley Common Preservation Society. Ideas: What we could do with this area – sharing the vision first. Dump could have an educational centre with crafts that kids can do. The Wildlife Trust could be useful.   European money – Leader funding? Any pictures of what it was like before Peat was extracted? Or earlier in its extraction system?

Get donations from those using Manchester Airport or from the Airport itself to rebuild the carbon sink.

Green doors September 28th

We would like to have someone with micro CHP or air source or ground source heat pumps? Ask Macc 2020 and members as want plenty of houses to show. Chase Mike Carey for his green roof too.

Tell E about The 1975 – George Daniel from WHS performing with Rolling Stones at Hyde Park and sold 100,000 cds last month! Matt Healey also in it.

Other ideas

Car pool and sharing software and learning – how to go about it – who owns, who looks after repairs, how to let out –  Helen will talk to Flo about what she knows … – HL

Date of next meeting – Ali to arrange when John Handley can make it – on a Thursday evening. To be arranged.

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Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 2 March 2013

Present: Ali Berry (AHB) , Anthony Jones (AJ), Helen Lederer (HL) Andrew Backhouse (AB), Gary Olsen (GO)

There are 2 main priorities outstanding from the previous meeting: Lindow Moss and LEAF2.

Lindow Moss

The energy group need to collaborate with John Handley if we want to see the Moss restored. Options for moving forward might include the following:

•            Raise money to buy out the company who currently operate on the Moss. Their lease possibly runs to 2040?

•            Find a financial reason that might persuade the company to withdraw their interest. For instance, If the council refuse to let their site be developed in the future for housing etc. then it might not be such an attractive option for the company to retain their lease.

•            Involve an organisation such as the Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

•            Find out what the Saltersley Common Preservation Society are doing to restore the Moss.

•            Encourage and support any legal action to do with subsidence caused by work done on the Moss.

•            Find out what is in the Cheshire East Local Plan.

•            Involve the conservation people at the airport.

•            Think about the long-term future of the common, possibly having a sustainability centre on the old tip, encompassing both environmental and historical aspects of the moss. Maybe powered by methane emitted by the landfill.

•            Find out what is the benefit in terms of carbon from restoring the moss and what that would mean for the council’s local plan.

Overall, the energy group needs to formulate a definitive strategy for the Moss by summer 2013 in collaboration with John.

Action points:

Ask John to do another walk around the moss after the landscape assessment plan comes out. Aim for a large number of children (with a responsible adult), and child friendly translator. Circulate the date to schools, guides etc. (AHB)

Organise a joint meeting between TW energy, TW landscape group and Saltersley Common Preservation Society (AHB)

Contact the council to find out whether they have done a feasibility study for capturing the methane emitted by the tip (HL)

Find an expert to advise us on landfill gas capture (AJ, AB)


There is no LEAF2, but there is much to be done to follow up on the thermal surveys etc. last winter.

Next Meeting: 11th April 7.45 at 5 Fieldhead Rd.

Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 13 February 2013

Present: Ali (AHB) , Anthony (AJ) and Andrew (AB)

Apologies: Geoff Levermore, Chris Daniel, Joy and Luigi, Stuart Redgard.

Matters from previous minutes not dealt with:

Mike Carey to draft a blog item and a letter to the council, and send to Andrew to circulate. (MC)

Need good energy stories for the web  – Anthony will draft something this weekend. (AJ)

Ali would like to do more to update main pages and Andrew will send Pat Baker’s details to Ali. (AB)

Our priorities:

Reducing Household, community, and commercial energy consumption.

More thermal camera work and house surveys

Continue to disseminate advice:  website, energy stall at the Artisan Market

Continued support for the restoration of Lindow Moss

Cheshire East Council – from talking to Karen Whitehead, Private Sector Housing person:

Cheshire East Council is tackling fuel poverty – Andrew talked about the grant they had obtained with the help of Macc2020 to save energy and money, like collective switching which for us is useful but not a priority. We agreed we were happy to help Macc 2020 but would need to charge for cameras – expenses for those who help. Landlords can be registered by the Council – and we should be identifying them and putting them in the system with the council who have £1500 grants to assist landlords which could be used to green houses. They don’t know who has empty flats above the shops.

Funding issues

Andrew should cost his time for supervising and doing camera work. How much did it cost us to do 100 houses? (AB)

Could we persuade Councils to employ a tradesperson to do small jobs to improve the energy efficiency of houses? Or get them to use a green doctor or list of approved contractors. Or work with a group like Age Concern. Could people pay for a green doctor, to support those who cannot afford?

Approach town clerk for Wilmslow small grants. Also Handforth and Cheshire East (AB)

Ask Karen about surveying a whole street in Wilmslow? (AB)


Need a counter for those who visit Artisan Market stall and a sign up sheet for those who want a camera visit. (AB)

Andrew will tweet about Saturday’s stall and blog? (AB)

Could we be putting simple steps on the web – You Tube links of how to do simple things such as putting in draught strips? (AHB)

Aim by end of March – contact all those in LEAF1 and ask if they are prepared to do a few more houses and be retrained to use the thermal imaging camera. Ask for donations on Saturday at the market stall. (AB)

Next Meeting:

2nd March – Energy group meeting after the Open

Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 9 November 2012

Present: Mike Carey, Stuart Redgard, Luigi and Joy Pagano, Andrew Backhouse

Apologies: Anthony jones, Ali Berry, and Chris Daniels

Voltage reduction or optimisation:

Voltage reduction and optimisation are not the same thing. Stuart (as an electrical engineer) went through the physics behind this – the reduction of voltage is part of the standardisation allowance across Europe – that equipment can be operated between 220 and 240V. The reduction in voltage will mean that power (watts) are lower, and so it takes longer to boil a kettle.  What might work to save energy is voltage optimisation

Mike is part managing 18 flats in a block in Liverpool. Common areas were burning £5000/yr for energy. He has upgraded lights to switch on when person passes. Solar panels and wind turbines in Liverpool were not feasible. Will voltage optimisation work? This device cuts down the fluctuation in voltage variation but only works on devices that use AC, not DC- LEDs and fluorescent bulbs or computers. It needs Electricity Board approval. Purported that Voltage reduction would save 8%p.a but his conclusion for the residential home is that it will work only if upgrading your electricity on property already to the latest electrical standards. Costs for his units were £2800 and £1800 to install because of insurance and certificates. Because the place has a lift and a water pump it will take longer to pay back but it does help the householders.  The cost for this goes on the service charge – so the tenants get the saving on the cost of their energy in the long term though pay out the initial It would cost £300 for an ordinary house. There are conditions attached like medical machinery does not like it – but can be used in commercial environments. Energy efficiency like this is not on the Energy Saving Trust website.

If you are going to do major work on your house, consider voltage optimisation, internal and external wall insulation, underfloor insulation, waste recovery….build it in to the design. If it is a complete rewire, and you will stay in the house for a long time, then worth putting in voltage optimisation.

How to Work with Landlords to improve the energy performance of the houses they own.

Several members of Transition Wilmslow are landlords but very few of the houses surveyed with the thermal camera have been tenanted properties. Housing Associations have had tough rules to implement insulation etc, but others have not. Energy Performance Certificate required by law –if rated G or H then the government has suggested stamp duty on it will increase which will push some landlords to do something – but not most. However, if E or worse registered on a tenanted house, they will make it illegal from 2015.

Landlords are very unregulated now. Licensing has been introduced in some parts of the country like Bath and Brent–to improve the condition of the properties.  Brent  license the landlord, or estate agencies and can fine if you do not maintain. Licensing has also been tried in Manchester for homes in multiple occupations (3 people let out to) -costing c£500pa. Leeds have led the way and license everything though black market does operate and as house prices fall, the black market is becoming stronger again. Licensing drives rents up  but quality of property and energy reduction are better. Cuts in housing benefits are making this harder though, with people splitting houses in to the smallest possible areas allowed to each person…

So how can we push landlordsto improve energy efficiency ? The  Green Deal benefits those who pay the bill – not the landlords except for communal areas including static caravan parks and houses in multiple occupation… launching next year

We could push Cheshire East to give low cost deals for Electrical Safety Certifiactes, Gas, and Energy performance certificates if landlord signs up to be licensed. We could push those involved in TW activities who are landlords. We could also use things like the Green doctor writinga  little blog once a month for the newspaper  – Mike could get something on to the web site – -offer of items for blogs. Mike to draft a blog item and a letter to the council and send in to Andrew to circulate.  Action: MC

HMO owners are more tightly regulated and we think this may be less of an issue in Wilmslow and surroundings.

We could push government on licensing – mandatory now in Wales including estate agents., and the British government is thinking about this for estate agents.  Mike do draft letter to Andrew to circulate. Action: MC

Other items:

Since the coverage in the local press, 10 houses out of the 13 requested for camera have been visited.

Next meeting:

Ali’s house  Tuesday 11 December 7.30 pm. Email for address.

Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 27 September 2012

Present: Anthony Jones, Chris Daniels, Andrew Backhouse, Joy and Luigi Pagano, Ali Berry

Apologies: Geoff Levermore

Green Doors – Joy and Luigi had about 12 visitors, Pippa and Anthony had at least 9, Geoff had one, Chris had 3, Andrew had 13 and Amanda had 14. People were very keen to find out more on particular issues – wood burning stoves, pv, thermal blinds, wood chip boilers and air source heat pumps, and outside it was the chickens rather than the gardens as a whole that drew people. Several houses requested thermal image camera visits. Next year we should aim for the 21 or 28th September . We should try and have photographs for the press, more houses, feedback forms (something you might do as a result), and fundraise for a charity– perhaps link to Kibera in Need, which Chris is a trustee of, who are providing slums in Nairobi, Kenya, with solar powered lighting to replace kerosene lamps on  a repayment basis – saving energy. Andrew will try and get some photos of what was shown, and news on to the local press.

Aims, objectives, workplan – Jean Hill has asked if we can define these to enable us to be clearer for fundraising and promotion. It was agreed that the draft aims would be circulated and people would send Andrew revised versions by next Thursday (4th October). Draft:  “to work on steps that will deliver lower energy consumption / greater energy efficiency for Wilmslow within the Transition Aims of building a greener community”. Energy awareness and education were words that were raised for possible inclusion.

The main Objectives might be.

  • To improve energy efficiency and reduce energy use across Wilmslow
  • To have fun working together on this

The workplan might say:

  • To get neighbours talking to each other to encourage reductions and stronger community too by running a Green Doors event each year, by  promoting surveys with thermal imaging cameras by volunteers, to ensure coverage in the local press of good practice. This would draw on the existing volunteers.
  • If money and time allow, do more to help neighbours take steps to save energy by using tools like the green doctor, and undertake all the work much more comprehensively and quickly. This would also allow us to recruit and train up more volunteers.
  • If money and time allow, to promote energy conservation measures to local businesses
  • To look at other measures that might reduce our carbon footprint – carbon sinks, anaerobic digesters, increased recycling, renewable energy generation.

Outcomes: Already:

  • Local Energy Assessment Fund bid – worked with 100 households to assess energy use, obtain pledges to reduce, and encourage others, and celebrated together what had been learnt with the local Mayor
  • 37 local people involved in surveying houses
  • Had 11 community hall/church halls surveyed to provide ways to save energy
  • Research into possibility of an anaerobic digester for Wilmslow foodwaste – only just viable, but Holmes Chapel one linked to farms would work
  • 6 houses opened doors to over 50 neighbours to compare notes/learn this September
  • Leaflet for top 20 tips to save energy in Wilmslow produced.
  • CO2 reduced by over 50 tonnes in the first year.

Future outcomes:

  • Get 100 households surveyed and taking action this next year if funding and volunteers allow. Get 300 done if staffing paid for with consequent CO2 reductions in proportion. Aim to cover more than 750 households over the next 3 years if staffing allowed for.
  • Get first pubs to be greener and save money too
  • Assist community halls and individuals in reducing their energy consumption.
  • More publicity on ways to save energy.

Key influencing bodies and communications strategy:

  • Local residents reached by direct contact, Express, radio and
  • Businesses reached through addressing local business group
  • Worked with local councillors to raise awareness – though more could be done with Cheshire East and local parish councils to influence the vision.
  • Website used to keep up to date with what has gone on.
  • Email newsletter to keep issues alive.
  • Used Artisan Market and Meriton Park Gala to raise awareness.

Future strategy in addition to the above:

  • Using more twitter and other on line methods to raise awareness.
  • Hoping to meet up with other sustainability groups across East Cheshire to improve learning from each other.

Date of next meeting: 9th November at Joy and Luigi’s house at 7.30pm. Hope Mike Carey might be able to come and talk about voltage reduction learning and other issues on tenant management.

Notes of Transition Wilmslow Energy Group Meeting: 22 August 2012

Present: Anthony Jones, Ali Berry, Andrew Backhouse, Joy and Luigi Pagano,

Apologies: Stuart Redgard, Geoff Levermore, Philip Valentino

1)    Lindow Moss – Joy has had a useful email from Natural England on the Moss, which she will try to find and forward to John Handley. It seems a good idea to ask John Handley to do a detailed appraisal of the Moss and to see how we could support him to put pressure on the peat extraction company and maintain water levels. We hope to have a public meeting on the Moss in the autumn – later October/early November if John was available to speak at it. Anthony will talk to John and how BBC NW Tonight might be involved. Action: AJ

2)    Transition Wilmslow new web site. Ali has learnt how to update the new website for the Energy Group. She will ask Patrick for photos particularly for the walk on Lindow Moss, for which John Handley should be able to provide a description. Andrew will also try and send her information from the LEAF project. Action: ABa/ABe

3)    Green Doors – 6 houses are so far signed up for the open house event to show people houses that have taken on some green measures on the 22nd September and Andrew will put this on a leaflet for the Meriton Pak Gala. The current list is Anthony and Pippa Jones’s. Garry and Amanda Olson, Chris and Philippa Frankland, Joy and Luigi Pagano’s, Andrew and Frances’s, and Geoff Levermore. Andrew will ask Maurice Palin and Chris Daniels. Action ABa

4)    LEAF project: There is no further news on a follow-up LEAF project, though there is funding for renewable heat for community housing which might work for rural areas away from gas or the project that MACC 2020 are discussing for the Town Hall and environs. We need to follow up the work we did in LEAF One and scope what is needed over the next 3 years, and the possible costs and where the money might be found. Andrew will start to do this. In any case we will try to hold a Wilmslow Challenge launch for the autumn around the 15th October ideally at the URC including food, to get more people engaged in saving energy.

We could do with getting commercial housing and business organisations involved, whether using local pubs like the Carters Arms or Freemasons, and blocks of flats . We have heard that Mike Carey is working on a scheme to reduce the energy demand in apartment communal spaces and would like to know more..

We wonder whether there is work we can do on flat roofs like the leisure centre for solar energy and are aware Philip Valentino has been involved in similar schemes in Streatham.

5)    Biodigester – The Goostrey farmer, Ray Brown, is holding an open day at his farm on the 6th September from 2pm-9pm to share details of his plans for the CRES biodigester, and is awaiting word from the planners as to when they will discuss it.

6)    Next Meeting:

8pm on Thursday September 27 at Ali’s house, email for address

Energy Notes from our Open Space Meeting: 31 March 2012

Those in group: Stuart Redgard, Joy and Luigi Pagano, Peter Fell, Andrew Backhouse

We want to point people at the best information source – e.g. who people have found were good installers of pv. Joy and Luigi will try talking to their installers about getting a dvd of what they have done and what has been gained to now (Skygen renewables)
A lot of this is learning from others experiences – copying the open garden or heritage open days event to get people to see what others have done successfully – woodburning stoves, pv, solar thermal, insulation, green roofing (like Mike Carey’s garage), other measures to reduce energy use. We could team up with Wilmslow Wells and target local councillors to come to put pressure on them.
We want to keep an eye on new buildings and getting old buildings refitted saves carbon and can create more jobs too.
We want to keep a dialogue with the council on houses and buildings – e.g. how to green council buildings, and get local councillors to come along, even if this is only for a photo opportunity.
Next step seems to be talk to Wilmslow Wells or other doing open houses to see if we can link, and identify suitable houses of interest – like opening Garry’s garden up. We did not line up a meeting ahead, or formally be a group but it seems like something I want to do anyway.