Consultation Responses

We try to make a collective response to national and local consultations when we can and will post them here.

How is CEC responding to the Climate Emergency?

Cheshire East Climate Alliance notes here

Want to write to your councillors for more action on climate? Here’s a model letter written by Cheshire East Climate Alliance for you to edit and add to and send to your local CEC Councillor for more climate action from CEC.

Meeting with Esther McVey July 2020 as part of Climate Sction

Report of Meeting with Esther McVey, March 2020

Esther McVey press release 0320

2019: Responses to CEC Draft Environmental Strategy

CEC Draft Environmental Strategy 2019 response    from Transition Wilmslow

CEC Draft Environmental Strategy 2019 response from Cheshire East Climate Alliance

2020: Transition Wilmslow Response to Planning Application at heald Court Hawthorn Lane

May 2020: Cheshire East Climate Alliance comments on the Environmental Strategy, due for debate 5th May 2020: Response 2904201 Cheshire East Climate Alliance to Cheshire East Councils Draft Environmental Strategy and Carbon Action plan