Community Market Garden

Here’s our Community Garden in The Temp: Could we expand to grow food for the community? Join our Community Market Garden group: all welcome. email for meeting details and Zoom links

Join our meetings! See diary page for details. Everyone is welcome and we would love you to join us in planning a market garden for the town. Download our flyer for more information:

Wilmslow Community Market Garden Proposal

Vision and Aims 


To establish a community market garden where people of all ages can learn to grow food together. Producing food locally is  crucial 

for all of our futures, because major food disruptions are likely to keep occurring with increasing frequency as a result of climate change, economic turmoil, and/or pandemics. 

We want everyone to have a place to learn and share knowledge and skills for growing food, as well as promoting its environmental benefits. 

We know that this will  improve our collective health and wellbeing. 

We will do this in a welcoming and safe environment. 


  • Sustainably produce organic vegetables, herbs and fruit for local people.
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of our community.
  • Demonstrate and share good practice we can all learn to increase our resilience and self sufficiency. 
  • Work with other similar projects. 
  • Develop a strong team of volunteers to build community, learn skills and have fun in the process. 
  • Increase the biodiversity and diversity of land use in our area, including preservation of local varieties of fruit. 

Contribute towards the national and regional net zero greenhouse gas emission goals.