Climate Emergency

Everything we do relates to climate change and the threats it poses us. We have concentrated on developing practical projects that help us reduce our impact on the planet, but we are increasingly needing to address the climate emergency head on. We have joined forces with other Transition, XR and Sustainability groups in East Cheshire and formed the East Cheshire Climate Alliance which is engaging with the council and trying to persuade them that there are a lot of us locally who care deeply about the planet we are leaving to future generations. We are working with XR Wilmslow and with Climate Conscious Wilmslow to try to reach a broader range of people. We need you to help us get the message out there about climate change and the need for really urgent action. Recently we held a meeting on “Wilmslow in 2060: what will life be like for today’s ten year olds when they are 50?” The talks are posted here:

Food in wilmslow 2060

Wilmslow in 2060 Landscape

Wilmslow in 2060 Energy