20’s Plenty and Safer Roads Petition – Relaunched!

Getting petitions distributed and signed is a piece of cake in comparison with 2012!

Hopefully attitudes have also come round with people realizing how important this is for our quality of life: we want our roads to be and feel a whole load safer in order to encourage more walking and cycling around our town.

So join us by signing this petition, which gives an example of just how dangerous even our smallest residential roads can be and how fearful we’ve become as a result… I should add that the events and people described here are real and have not been invented…

Thank you!

WSR Petition


The day we won Rob Hopkins

We were honoured to host the founder of Transition Wilmslow last week… here’s what he wrote about his visit, complete with podcasts:









Rob’s talk to a packed room on election night… local artisan beer is more exciting than corporate imports.

Brixton Pound







The Brixton Pound: one of many examples of how a local currency has been adopted encourage local spending.

12 Monthly Challenges: April / May

Time to “bee” friendly!

Insect hotelThis month’s challenge is for all the gardeners out there… and non-gardeners can give it a go too!

As we’re nearing the end of our journey, we are looking at the green spaces on our doorstep, or window sill… If you’re thinking about what to do with your outdoor space this spring, how about making it wildlife friendly or bee friendly. Our pollinators are at risk because of high intensity farming and the use of pesticides – ironically we need these marvelous ecosystem workers to pollinate our food crops!

Read more…

February’s Challenge: Do Good with your Money

Find out how to make more ethical choices!

good investmentWe can’t talk about ethical choices without scrutinizing how we distribute money and investments.  What has this to do with being Green?  If money talks, then where you place your earnings, or how you spend your money will have a big impact on the earth’s resources and capacity to sustain our way of life.  Read more…

Save Energy this Month!


Here it is: November’s challenge is all about small steps to save Energy in the home.

Whether it’s switching off the lights when you leave the room or draw the curtains to keep heat in in the evening, let’s all start to reduce our  demand on the grid so that renewable energy solutions can be the main players in the mix.

Get yourselves a free thermal imaging survey done this winter to find out where you can make the most difference, and borrow an energy meter from the library at no cost to watch those kWhs go down!

And if you’re unsure about why we need to think about this, why not come to our film night: Chasing Ice on 12th November!


October is Harvest month: Sustainable food choices

How did you get on with cutting down on car journeys?  Incidentally, October is walk to school month, so keep going!

In October we celebrate harvest so what better topic for our monthly challenge than food and our choices in that regard.  Check out our October challenge here.

And it’s not too late to vote!