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What exactly is a Transition Town?

A Transition Initiative, which could be a town, village, university or island etc. is a community-led response to the pressures of climate change, fossil fuel depletion and increasingly, economic contraction.

Our aim is to create a more sustainable future where we don’t have to rely on fossil fuel but instead we can embrace clean technology such as wind and solar power to reduce harmful emissions. The foundation of this future is your community. When a group of people come together with a shared concern they can work collectively to plan and act, to create a way of living thats significantly more connected, more vibrant and more in touch with our environment.

Transition projects are a positive, creative response to encourage existing groups in the community and build bridges with local government to look at all the key areas of life food, energy, transport, health, heart & soul, economics & livelihoods.

Why is your community so important?

We believe that…

♦ If we wait for the governments, it’ll be too little, too late

♦ If we act as individuals, it’ll be too little

♦ If we act as communities, it might just be enough, just in time.

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