We are all in it together: Climate Change in low income countries

Huge thanks to Dr Admos Chimhowu, Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, who has just given us the most engaging and interesting talk; lifting our eyes from our very narrow UK-centric horizons to look at the way our GreenHouse Gas emissions impact on people across the world. 400 million people in Africa have no access to clean water and that number is set to rise as climate change continues; there is no Shona word for cyclone so people have developed their own phrase of “mad winds” which over the last few years have wreaked havoc. There were some positive stories too, such as development of climate smart agriculture, using no-dig techniques, and using indigenous varieties of crops such as bullrush millet. The impact of Covid has been huge; we in the west were concentrating so much on our own survival low income countries could not complete in the rush for vaccines, drugs and equipment.

When asked what we could do to help, Admos advocated a cultural shift…how we all need to live differently (could we have a “cultural Sabbath” in our town where we have one day where we deliberately use less?) We should push our governments to be more generous in giving towards the mitigation of climate change, support children, particularly to be able to go to school, be compassionate towards other people, and give to the charities you support.

We heard something of the amazing work of Wilmslow Wells for Africa; if you are able to, please donate to wilmslow wells.org.uk or via http://www.facebook.com/wilmslowwells Thank you.

Next week’s talk is Prof Ian Rutherford talking on Peat Bogs: 7.30, Weds 27th October. Zoom links will be circulated.