Can you believe it? They’ve started restoring Lindow Moss!

We have been writing to Cheshire East Council and Councillors for years about Lindow Moss. We have recently been feeling completely devastated that it might very easily (and very soon) turn into a landfill site and we were ready to kickstart a campaign to raise awareness (if not merry hell) about the threat that would pose to this place we all love so much. Today, we discovered (only because we were told there was work going on on the Moss) that Croghan Peat have started restoration…and CEC apparently were aware of this! We are pretty certain (but want to hear confirmed) that this overturns that dreadful planning consent of 2003 that allowed “landfill with inert waste and return to agriculture”. We are going to think about what’s next…could it be that we turn Lindow Moss into the nature reserve it should have always been with Lindow Man’s find spot properly marked? Let us Know what you think!

Lindow Moss 29 June 2020 (photo credit Jane Martindale)