Food in a Time of Corona

Food, Glorious Food!

Never in the life time of most of us has the entire population had cause to think so much about our food supply: where it comes from, where we get it from and how we deliver it to the most vulnerable. The scenes after lockdown in the supermarkets were shocking as people understandably rushed to stock up and the “just in time” supply lines that we have become so accustomed to (“there will always be strawberries when I want them”) were overwhelmed. This set us thinking about how as a community we could build more resilience into our food supply to help us deal with future shocks like this. We thought about growing our own, local suppliers, and, in the interests of the climate, Meat free Monday.
Wilmslow Grows its Own:
In Rob Hopkins’s inspirational book “What If” he gives the example of Liege, where their one community garden  was such a success that now the town is encircled with community gardens and 90% of the fruit and veg eaten in the town’s schools are supplied locally. Our community garden is a lovely example of how you get people engaged in growing vegetables, but it is only one, and at a very small scale. Our food group met last week and we thought that during lockdown, all we could really do was to encourage people to grow their own as much as possible; and to that end Garry Olson is now posting a daily veg gardening tip on Instagram (check out garryolsonfurniture)…we are anticipating that he’ll become an Insta sensation!
Perhaps when lockdown is over and we can safely swap things we could build on the individual road corona support WhatsApp groups to offer seed and seedling swaps? 
Why not share your gardening pictures on insta or twitter and tag garry or transition wilmslow and we could build up some enthusiasm!
Local Suppliers: 
A massive shout out to everyone who supplies our food…..the supermarket staff, butchers, bakers, greengrocers, fishmongers, milkmen, delivery drivers, farmers, pickers, growers, distributors…..what a couple of  weeks they have had and a big thank you from all of us. We have all realised not only how much we depend on the supermarkets but also on the delivery companies who have seen a massive increase in orders. Teo and Andrew have put together a list of people they know of locally who are able to deliver….if you have any to add to the list then please let us know! They are listed on the food page It would be great to think that even when this crisis is over that support for local suppliers continues. If you would like to order from Flo’s Suma deliveries (dried goods) contact us by email. 
Meat Free Monday: 
No real connection to corona but the climate crisis hasn’t gone away and in any case you may be needing to think more imaginatively about your cooking at the moment and might like to think about cooking meat free…on a Monday or any other day. After Sarah Bridle’s recent talk demonstrating the impact of our dietary choices on greenhouse gas emissions, there’s a move to develop a Meat Free Monday in Wilmslow; Wilmslow Academy have already adopted this. A number of us met (virtually!) Esther McVey MP to talk about community resilience and meat free Monday came up. It turns out that Esther often cooks meat free, and indeed she promises to share her recipe for a vegan cottage pie with us! Details of our meeting are posted on the website 

All our meetings are now virtual. If you’d like to join future tree, food or energy meetings please do let us know. 

Please keep safe and well at this very difficult time. If you are able to, give a thought to people who can’t afford food easily; food banks have seen a massive drop in donations. You can contact the Wilmslow food bank via or support the Trussell Trust.