What will life be like for today’s 10 year olds in 2060? Disaster or an opportunity to make a better world?

What will Wilmslow be like in 2060 for today’s 10 year olds when they get to 50?  What will their lives look like if the world’s governments do not deal with the problem of climate change? What could life be like if they did? Will our children and grandchildren think we cared enough about their future?

On Thursday 19thMarch, 7.30 pm  at Wilmslow Quaker Meeting House (Bourne Street SK9 5HD), come and join the conversation as we hear from three expert speakers about what the future might hold, how we can avoid some of the problems we might face and how we could adapt to a changing world.

What will our houses be like? What will the streets be like? The shops? The fields and woods around the town? How will we get to work? What will we be eating? Or will nothing have changed?