How do we engage with more people and do more to improve our environment?

We put an application into the Climate Action Fund and were not shortlisted. The feedback that we had was that while ours was a strong application (we were one of 650 and 15 were shortlisted) we did not demonstrate enough community engagement or community partnerships. We had a really useful consultation at our February monthly meeting where nearly thirty of us addressed the questions we had tried to address in our bid and made suggestions as to what we should be aiming for and how to engage more people. The Climate Action Fund has £100m to spend over 10 years so there will be more opportunities to bid. What do you think we should be doing here in Wilmslow? What do you think would persuade other people to join us in taking practical action to improve our Environment? 50 people planted 1200 trees at Bank House Farm last week in our first joint tree planting venture with the National Trust which just shows that there are lots of people in our town who want to do something! Please contact us on with your suggestions. Thank you!

The comments from last week’s consultation are documented here:

20.2.20 Consultation- Community Engagement

20.2.20 Consultation- Reduce and Reuse

20.2.20 Consultation – Food

20.2.20 Consultation – Transport

20.2.20 Consultation- Energy

20.2.20 Consultation- Lindow Moss

20.2.20. Consultation- Trees