This Community Garden is more than just vegetables!

We had a wonderful picnic at the Community Garden last week! Apart from being completely delicious and great fun, we were so pleased to meet a lady who has just moved to the area who was delighted to find us (and the garden) and was happy to go home with a bag full of beans and potatoes. Not only that, but a local resident told us how the park has changed with the coming of the garden. Residents, he reported, used to find the garden rather intimidating but now it is a place people genuinely like to visit. They bring their dogs and their children, have picnics or just sit and enjoy the garden. It has brought something really special to the neighbourhood. Remember, everyone is welcome at our Tuesday 7pm working groups, but do come anytime and see what the fuss is all about. We will let you know the date of our apple harvesting and juicing event in due course.