East Cheshire Climate Alliance

We are impressed that CEC have declared that urgent action is needed on the climate emergency: we agree, and this week’s extraordinary temperatures underline the importance of action as well as declarations and targets.  A group from Transition Wilmslow (Andrew, Frances, Ali, Garry and Flo) met with members of Transition Bollington and Macctastic recently to discuss a combined approach to CEC. Sustainability Congleton couldn’t make the meeting but are keen to be involved.

Following this meeting, a joint letter will be sent  to Sam Corcoran, Leader of the Council, offering support and encouragement from our 3000 assoicates to address some of the issues that will arise for the council as it starts its work on climate emergency.
We hope for a meeting with Sam and the Environment Lead to see where we could be most useful – our groups have experts in working out carbon footprints, planning and design including PassivHaus,  and interests too in transport, biodiversity, the role of bogs in CO2 absorption, district heating, climate resilience and working with our communities. This East Cheshire Climate Alliance expect to meet again at the Quaker Meeting House in Wilmslow on the evening of August 22nd. (We are not expecting lots of others to join us, but let me know if you want to come.)