Plastic Free Wilmslow

Did you see War on Plastics on TV? Lots of people were really moved by what is happening to our planet from plastics. On the 4th July, about 80 children, young people, and adults met outside the Library in Wilmslow with plastic to return to Sainsburys, as part of Plastic Free Wilmslow’s efforts to demonstrate that we do not need plastic in so much of what is sold to us. We were filmed for a future BBC broadcast, with children from the High School and several local primaries  getting individual interviews about the scourge of plastic pollution.  We were filmed walking across the park (Romany would have been proud!) and over to Sainsbury’s to return our plastic (OurPlasticFeedback). Thank you to everyone who came along, and to Sainsbury’s Wilmslow for politely accepting our plastic and listening to what the students had to say.

Meanwhile, if you shop at Sainsburys, buy your vegetables loose into your basket- they are cheaper and better for the planet, as well as encouraging the management that we do want to use less plastic.