Climate Emergency

A message from Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology

Dear Zero Carbon Britain Friends

We are witnessing a seismic shift in the campaign to prevent climate breakdown. Schoolchildren have gone on strike, many deeply committed people have taken to the streets, towns and cities up and down the country have declared an emergency, and the BBC has – finally- broadcast a prime time documentary on climate change.

For over 12 years the Centre for Alternative Technology’s Zero Carbon Britain project has looked at how we get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions using technology available today – without relying on unproven future carbon capture technologies and without new nuclear. We’ve crunched the numbers on renewable energy, buildings, transport, diets and land use, and we’ve looked at the social, cultural and economic changes that are needed to bring about the transformation.

The UK, Welsh and Scottish Parliaments have now declared a climate emergency. Now we must urgently turn the conversation to delivering the solutions at the scale and pace required….

In your networks and social media groups – please share our call for national and devolved government to produce a climate emergency plan

Demand a Climate Emergency Action Plan

Thank you