Community Shop and Repair Cafes

You’ll have heard about the idea of a community shop in Wilmslow: there seems to be lots of interest and enthusiasm which is fantastic! Details of the first meeting are on the Wilmslow Hub Facebook page and on our diary page.

There has also been talk in the press of “Right to Repair” ….hopefully a move away from built in obsolescence to the idea that when something breaks we try to fix it (when did we ever decide that wasn’t a good idea?).  Repair Cafes have been around for a few years (and are a not uncommon feature in Transition Towns) so we wondered how feasible it would be to set one up in Wilmslow. A group of us went to visit the Chorlton Repair Cafe this week to see how it works. It’s based in StitchedUp, a not for profit organisation that mostly runs sewing workshops and teaches ways of reusing material that would otherwise go to landfill. The monthly Repair Cafe  brings together volunteer experts with people who need things repairing…and the idea is to show you how to repair things (more like a skill-share than a place where you just expect someone to fix something for you). There are clear house rules that cover aspects like safety, insurance etc, and they have helpfully provided a guide to setting up your own, which you can see online:

There are also repair cafes in Levenshulme and Salford, and plans for one in Stockport. We will put the contact details on our Community Connections page, and if you’d be interested in getting involved with a Repair Cafe in Wilmslow we’d love to hear from you!