Successes at Transition Wilmslow!

Success at the RHS “In Your Neighbourhood” awards.

Our Community Garden received a certificate for “Outstanding” – the highest level. Many thanks to all who have given their time throughout the year to help keep the vegetable garden in good shape. We weren’t on our own as other Wilmslow groups also were considered outstanding. This included Friends of the Carrs, Lindow Common Advisory Group, Chapel Lane Business Group, Dean Row Rotary and Incredible Edible. In their first year the URC garden was considered “Thriving”, the second highest award. Congratulations to all!

Another successful Mushroom Forage Day

A great time was had with James Wood, finding many fascinating fungi all around the edge of Lindow Common in the wooded area. James cooks with mushrooms and he entertained us all with anecdotes about which fungi are safe to eat and which are toxic. A surprising number of fungi we found are edible or useful in some way.

The common names are intriguing –  we found brown roll rims, milk caps, pestle puff balls, turkey tails, earth balls and the hallucinogenic fly agaric, to name but a few! The most beautiful fungus with the most beautiful name was the ‘amethyst deceiver’, a small, exquisite, mauve fungus that James uses to decorate rice dishes!

Towards the end of the foray James provided a huge pot of his freshly made wild mushroom pate, delicious on a biscuit, which was devoured with enthusiasm!

Participants were interested in fungi as wild food and also in how to conserve the environment and to enhance the reproduction of these essential recyclers. An excellent fungal foray was had by all who went!  Thanks to James Wood