Tree Walk on Wilmslow Common

IMG_2094The weather was kind on Sunday for our second Transition Wilmslow Tree Walk. This time we were exploring Wilmslow Common, a designated SSI, and lowland wet heath, a now uncommon landscape in the British Isles.

Turnout was excellent, about twenty five people, and while Chris shared his expertise about the trees, Heather explained the historic presence, or not, of trees on this site by explaining its human habitation from prehistory  to the Gypsy fairs and todays designated green space.

The presence and culling of trees on the Common has been a contentious issue locally of late. While the Town Tree Walk revealed over 30 varieties of tree, the Common revealed less than 10. The majority of these being Silver Birch, followed by Oak. Chris explained that these are pioneer trees, all self seeded. A photograph of the Common taken in the 1930’s show no trees whatsoever, a state that would have existed since its first inhabitants millennia back. The trees on the Common have seeded themselves since the second world war.

We Learned much from Chris about identifying trees, issues around their safety and management in different environments, and their importance in supporting wildlife and insects.

We hopefully all came to an understanding of some of the issues involved in the management of this precious Site of Special Scientific Interest, Wilmslows very own Common.