Women’s Institute join Transition Wilmslow in raising Climate Change Awareness

CFWI Climate Change Week of Action in Cheshire: Cheshire Meres & Mosses

Over the last 5 years, Transition Wilmslow has been raising awareness of Lindow Moss, where peat cutting still continues, as a potential carbon sink and a site of extraordinary archeological, historical and ecological interest, as well as a place of exercise and recreation.  We have run workshops, walks and study days to raise awareness of the Moss, and we are delighted that the WI have recognised the importance of Cheshire Meres and Mosses.

Photos have been submitted to the WI by Pauline Handley and Jean Hill. WICCA Image 2

Fossilized pine roots: From around 6,000 years ago pine trees were able to colonise the surface of the mire and the pine woodland persisted for 2,000 years until wetter conditions prevented pine regeneration. The pine trunks and roots were preserved beneath a blanket of Sphagnum moss. Today the magnificent ancient pine stumps are trashed and discarded by the peat operator.

A full set of photos are on our Lindow Moss page.