Energy Surveys

thermal image picture house outside

Would your house look like this from the outside? If it was cold outside the house, and warm inside, and you had a thermal imaging camera to take the picture, you would be worried. Why? Because the red is heat escaping, and it is obvious that some of this house does not have cavity wall insulation, and the windows are leaking heat too (even though they are double glazed). This is in fact a very old Wilmslow house on the left with a modern extension that has been insulated.

Transition Wilmslow wants to reduce our carbon emissions and save money in the process for everyone. Over the past 3 years, they have surveyed 150 Wilmslow and Handforth houses, and saved lots of money for people.

What can you learn from an energy survey? Andrew Backhouse, from Transition Wilmslow said:

“One house surveyed by Chris Daniel in the last two weeks should halve its energy bills thanks to his visit – whilst we don’t promise that for everyone, there are always tricks you can learn. Hanging washing outside and drawing curtains can make quite a difference, let alone insulating the walls and floors!”

If you’d like to have your house surveyed with a thermal imaging camera and learn how you could save money, or you’d like to learn how to survey houses give Ali Berry a ring on 07887 425387. Or fill out your name and email on the contact form and we will get in touch.

Thanks to help from Wilmslow Town Council, Transition Wilmslow is able to offer this service again this winter.