12 Monthly Challenges: July

This year we will be looking at various everyday challenges such as reducing waste, buying more responsibly and saving energy.  Join us on our journey to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Rubbish Diet (mark 1)

Why act on rubbish? Courtesy of WRAP

Why act on rubbish? Courtesy of WRAP

This month we will be doing the Rubbish Diet, or at least making a start!  The starting point with what goes into your bin, is what you buy in.  The figures on food waste are mind blowing: between 20 and 40% of fresh food (fruit, vegetables and bread) doesn’t even find its way into your trolley, and approximately 1/3 of what people buy ends up in landfill.

So the first part of this month’s challenge is to buy only what we need and use up food.  Read more

Please email or tweet us your experiences and successes, big or small!  Last month’s challenge was saving water – click here for handy tips.