Wilmslow Green Doors

Green Doors: Saturday 28 September 2013

Come and find out what others have done to make their homes more sustainable, cheaper to live in, and see if there are things you can do too. Where do you lose heat? What can you do to save money and energy?

Compare ideas, ask questions. None of us are perfect though!

1-4pm Joy and Luigi Pagano, 50 Sagars Road, Handforth, SK9 3EE to see solar hot water and electricity for a bungalow

10.30-1pm Andrew and Frances, 31 Vale Head, Handforth, SK9 3BP for wood burning stove, solar hot water, hens, garden at end of terrace.

1.30pm-4.30pm Amanda and Garry Olson, 27 Strawberry Lane, Wilmslow SK9 6AQ for wood burning stove, solar electricity and vegetable garden with hens for a semi detached house

1pm-4pm Anthony and Pippa Jones, 4 Fulshaw Ave, Wilmslow SK9 5JA – a Victorian house with vegetables and hens – but also thermally insulated blinds, solar hot water and electricity.

There may be more houses added to the list – which will be advertised on this page in the next few days. Or ring Andrew Backhouse on 07929 188014