Open Space Meeting – 31st March 2012

Andrew Backhouse

31st March saw some 35 people from across the wilmslow area gather for an open space meeting at the Quaker meeting house. They were asked to identify how we could make Wilmslow a more beatutiful and sustainable place in the future. In addition to our existing groups, Cinema and Energy, a further 3 groups were formed at the meeting; Food, Transport, Environment and Buildings, and Education. Topics discussed included growing food locally, education and the need for a Cinema. Other issues raised included making more of the 20MPH limit and cycling and walking in the town vision, opening up energy efficient homes to demonstrate examples to people, and working with local government. Lots of great work and lots to do. To read the notes from each of the groups go to our sub groups page.

How do you share what you learnt from a thermal imaging camera?

We took over the Wilmslow URC on the 20th March and invited people from the 100 houses we surveyed, for food and a presentation. The mayor of Cheshire east came as a guest and added lots to discussions. People in Wilmslow seem to be bad at drawing curtains, which can save lots of money and the green doctor has been round fitting radiator foil for free. We produced a top tips leaflet whihc you should find to the right of this article.