Transition Wilmslow Stirs Up the Big Society

When did Handforth, Wilmslow, and Styal get particular support from the government to reduce their energy bills? We do have the highest energy consumption / household in the NW and it’s time we did something. So when the Department for Energy and Climate Change offered a grant for community groups that can develop ideas to raise energy efficiency, reduce energy usage, and generate renewable energy, we put in a bid.

Transition Wilmslow has won some of this grant money and it has to be spent and evaluated by the end of March!

We will use it to do the following: –

  1. auditing houses to show people where their heat loss/energy use is greatest to identify ways to reduce it in future. We want to do this for individual houses or group of houses, using a thermal imaging camera to give people easy evidence of their losses. In the long run, this could be photographed again to show how much difference people have made. (Thermal cameras have to be used during winter).
  2. We will also be able to lend people electricity monitors to show where we use too much electricity. This job is using lots of volunteers, including Wilmslow High School’s Eco Team, which we are calling ‘green ambassadors’. They will also learn how to make quick and easy changes themselves from Groundwork Cheshire’s Green Doctor.
  3. auditing, using paid energy consultants, some key community halls, particularly church halls, to identify the steps for them to reduce their energy use and possible sources of funds.
  4. doing a feasibility study for a biodigester in Wilmslow – to generate power for e.g. the leisure centre or a school.
  5. publicity and talks to get the wider public aware and involved.

If you want to know more, contact Andrew Backhouse on 01625 537087 /