Thermal Imaging Camera Training – Friday 10th February 2012

What does a thermal imaging camera show you that you don’t expect? I’ve got a well insulated house haven’t I? Surely no problem?

It was fun on Friday night to run the first training session for Transition Wilmslow’s green ambassadors on how to use a camera on poor Garry and Amanda’s house. The Green Doctor (Adam) was there to throw in his half pennyworth too. 11 people played with the cameras, saw a presentation on how to use them, and people went away buzzing. I won’t say who left the house and went the wrong way for home, they were so inspired!

What did we spot? Wretched cat flap, not enough low energy bulbs, heat loss through an area of the kitchen roof, – and you should have seen some of the neighbours! Curtains up to the ceiling do help, and so does a wood burning stove sometimes. And there’s so many little things we can each do when we use it. I spotted areas of my ceiling which were not well insulated, and the tiles on the front of our houses are a nightmare for heat loss..So lots more to do! And do you want to try out the camera? We want people to volunteer to do their own house and at least 2 neighbours too.

Training sessions at various times and places. Send me a message if you want to know more to