LEAF BID Success

Well done and congratulations to our Energy group on their successful bid to the Local Energy Assessment Fund. Their success gives the go ahead to a whole programme designed to inform the local community about energy issues as well as supporting energy saving solutions. These include the Wilmslow Question Time meeting on Friday, 24th February, at Wilmslow High School where Nobel Prize Winner , Professor Geoff Levermore heads up a question time panel on issues around energy and energy saving.

Householders and community and church halls will be offered the chance to have their buildings checked for excessive heat loss by volunteers using hand-held heat detecting thermal cameras. The images can be used to decide whether a more in-depth survey of the building is needed and whether the free services of the Groundwork Trust’s Green Doctors would be useful.

For more information on the project and to get more involved or have your house photographed please contact us on transitionwilmslow@gmail.com