We are all in it together: Climate Change in low income countries

Huge thanks to Dr Admos Chimhowu, Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, who has just given us the most engaging and interesting talk; lifting our eyes from our very narrow UK-centric horizons to look at the way our GreenHouse Gas emissions impact on people across the world. 400 million people in Africa have no access to clean water and that number is set to rise as climate change continues; there is no Shona word for cyclone so people have developed their own phrase of “mad winds” which over the last few years have wreaked havoc. There were some positive stories too, such as development of climate smart agriculture, using no-dig techniques, and using indigenous varieties of crops such as bullrush millet. The impact of Covid has been huge; we in the west were concentrating so much on our own survival low income countries could not complete in the rush for vaccines, drugs and equipment.

When asked what we could do to help, Admos advocated a cultural shift…how we all need to live differently (could we have a “cultural Sabbath” in our town where we have one day where we deliberately use less?) We should push our governments to be more generous in giving towards the mitigation of climate change, support children, particularly to be able to go to school, be compassionate towards other people, and give to the charities you support.

We heard something of the amazing work of Wilmslow Wells for Africa; if you are able to, please donate to wilmslow wells.org.uk or via http://www.facebook.com/wilmslowwells Thank you.

Next week’s talk is Prof Ian Rutherford talking on Peat Bogs: 7.30, Weds 27th October. Zoom links will be circulated.

And…we are off!

Wilmslow’s First festival of Nature is underway! John Handley gave an absolutely fantastic talk entitled Common Ground, the Nature of Wilmslow’s Countryside on Wednesday. 64 people joined the Zoom link and were kept entranced by John’s wonderful talk and beautiful illustrations. The talk highlighted the importance of Wilmslow’s Landscape Character Assessment (which you should read, if you haven’t) and the vital importance of the nature around us for climate action and biodiversity.

The festival will be at the Artisan Market tomorrow, Saturday 16th, near the Rex, so come along and have a chat and find out about the amazing activities we have on offer for you. Make a pledge on our pledge tree: tell us what action YOU are taking for the climate, and make your Wave of Hope picture to influence politicians. We have lots of activities including bulb planting, cinema showings, an Open Day at Oakenclough and of course the On Yer Bike concert. The Mayor of Cheshire East, Cllr Pochin, is coming on our bike rides on the 31st: what questions would YOU ask her about walking and cycling? And of course don’t forget the pumpkin trail on Chapel Lane on 31st October.

If you’d like to bring some soup along to the Oakenclough Day let us know! Look forward to seeing you at our many Festival events. Next Wednesday’s talk is Dr Admos Chimhowu talking on “We are All In It Together: The Impact of Climate Change on Low Income Countries.” Come and hear what impacts the climate change from OUR greenhouse gas emissions is having on people on the other side of the world.

The landscape on our doorstep

Lindow Moss

We had a fantastic Lindow Moss Community Forum meeting last week with John giving us an update on his compartmental pH studies, a recorded piece from Jeff Clarke (the ecologist working for Croghan Peat…you can see his posts and some great photos on twitter @AnserEcology) detailing the reduction lizard numbers (and many damaged tails….is that the impact of dogs?) and a fantastic presentation from Professor Simon Caporn recording his summer plant hunt which he undertook with a number of members of the Forum and some Moss experts. He promises us more next summer!

We know no more about the plans for restoration, but Jeff told us he thought there would be some activity this autumn including removal of the young birch from cut over peat bog. We’ll let you know if we hear any more.

Our favourite books on nature and climate change

Brian Tyler has put together an incredible list of books on climate change and the natural world around us for the Festival of Nature website. The books will be on display in Wilmslow Library where you can order your copy. Let us know what you think of the list, which are your favourites and what has the list inspired you to read? http://www.festivalofnature.co.uk/blog So far our top choice is our very own Sarah Bridle’s incredible book on Food and Climate Change: what’s yours?

Photographs of Lindow Moss

Local resident Joel Norman has taken some absolutely beautiful photos of Lindow Moss.

Check them out at:


They are amazing!

We are arranging talks about peat bogs as part of our amazing http://www.Festivalofnature.co.uk together with a deep time walk and a poetry walk on the Moss, and a poetry workshop Giving a Voice to Lindow Moss. John Handley is also organising a Family Walk on the Moss over half term.

Why don’t you come and join us? Book at http://www.festivalofnature.co.uk

Photo by a member of Transition Wilmslow

Could you help us with our Constitution?

We are going to apply to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) so that we can do more things…including we hope employing someone to help with the Community Market Gardens. Please could you have a look at this draft constitution and if you have any comments please forward them to andrew.backhouse@phonecoop.coop by WEDNESDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER. Thank you.

Oakenclough Community Market Garden Open Day

Well what a triumph! We received plenty of encouraging feedback from attendees. 
The event was attended by c150 people with 18 people helping to set up and 24 people showcasing the garden, providing cake and drinks, entertaining the children and providing valuable learning. Even the weather was on our side. 
If you came along and donated, thank you! Do let us know what worked for you and what we could do better next time. 
A special thank you to all the amazing volunteers who helped to pull everything together from cakes, organising, the games, set up – there are just too many things to mention! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! What a wonderful community effort. Well done everyone. 👏

If you’d like to join our Community Market Garden volunteers, contact wilmslowmarketgarden@gmail.com

Wilmslow FON Poster.pdf

Wilmslow Festival of Nature: lots of great activities for all the family in October and November to get us thinking about the health of our planet and the natural world around us. Booking details available soon on the website!